Safari Taken Over ...


Rosie Moderator
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They keep on trying. The sad part is that those hackers do manage to hit upon the unsuspecting.

Doctor X

I must confess I love the "Please do not open internet browser for your security issue to avoid data corruption on your registry of your omascusating system."


Though . . . now that I think of it . . . it reminds me of how my Beloved Partner in Jesus Allah who Praise Me for my help to move $1,370,987.36 from his bank in Nigeria writes . . . "100% Risky Free."

Wait . . .


P.S. Way back when I first Darken'd These Fine Shores, I learned about one of the DNS Changer malware thingies. Naturally, I checked it out, downloaded the removal tool recommended HERE and found . . . nothing.

I was in a cafe . . . having a mocha of course . . . and just decided to ask a few Mac users how their connections were--they being student-hipster-bebop-listening-slacker-types. A few stated that, yes, their Internets were slow.

So I checked out their computers with said tool.

Three of them had it.

One of them was a girl.

"How did I get it."

Being a Gentleman--"measur'd in manner and speech"--I diplomatically suggested that perchance that searching for [CENSORED--Ed.] dressed as favorite My Little Pony characters should in the future be avoided.