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I have an Applescript in the Finder toolbar which allows me to automatically attach a file to an outgoing email (i.e mail opens with an outgoing mail with the attachment).

It works fine, but I would rather be able to right click on a file and have this action as a choice in the contextual menu. Does anyone know how or if I can do this?


this link didn't help me
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Then you need to do one of the following:

1) Be more specific about exactly WHAT didn't work.
2) Be more specific about exactly WHAT didn't help.
3) Stop spamming crappy links in your signature.

Pick one of those and we can continue troubleshooting with you, unless, of course, you pick number 3, which means you probably weren't asking for any kind of help in the first place and just trying to sneak some crap links into our little forum.