Sharing iPhoto Library via Dropbox

John Varela

I moved my iPhoto library of just over 10,000 pictures to Dropbox for off-site storage and also to make it easy to share it with my wife's computer. When I tried to switch my wife's iPhoto to the library in Dropbox, iPhoto claimed the files had to be updated. This was nonsense since we are both on 10.6.8 and iPhoto 9.2.3 (629.52).

Any thoughts?


U.S.D.A. Prime
Try this:

Copy the iPhoto Library out of the Dropbox folder, onto your desktop (of whichever computer is prompting you to upgrade the library).

Then, launch iPhoto with the option key held down and select the iPhoto library that you copied to your desktop.

When prompted to upgrade the library, do so. After it finishes, does everything look right? Anything lost? Anything weird or wrong?

Also, perhaps when you copied your iPhoto library to your Dropbox folder and she tried to open it, the library (and all/some of the files contained within) have permissions that reflect your user account, and her iPhoto was trying to build a new photo index or something because of that. Maybe. I dunno. I think the former solution is the most likely to get you up-and-running.