Site not remembering login?


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I've noticed a problem over the past few days or weeks where the forums will fail to remember my login credentials.

Typically, if I check the "stay logged in" button, I can stay logged in indefinitely, I'm assuming by some cookies in my browser. In the past few weeks, though, it seems that the forums will NOT remember that I'm logged in, and I consistently have to re-login every time I visit the site after closing my browser.

Anyone else seen this? It happens regardless of browser: Safari, Opera, IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.


Same thing happens for me - and I've tried cleaning out cookies, and some other possible helps. It still seems to often "forget" me.
But - if I click on a couple of menus within the site, suddenly it shows me as logged in, without needing to manually login. That's just my experience, but seems that the login (user recognition, whatever) is not working nicely.
I'm guessing that an internal site update has partly broken that login part.


Same here. Once in awhile it will remember, but mostly I need to sign in. Site remembers name & password, but apparently logs me out when closing. Hopefully it'll get cleared up soon.


Me too!

I've found that if you click "login" at the top right of the page - but leave it blank - you get the error message. Hit the back button, and I find I'm logged in!! :) but confused.


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Yeah, me too. Past week or so.

I just cleared my cookies assuming that would fix the problem (it's happened before), but after reading this, I guess not.


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It looks like it's just the forum index that doesn't show me as logged in. If I click any link -- say, Calendar or FAQ -- then I'll be logged in as normal. Less hassle than putting in my name and password.


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That's odd, I haven't had any problems with that at all.