Slow FTP Server--HELP!!


Lately my FTP server has been running extreamly slowly- currently there is four people downloading, but the combined network throughput is only around 50kb/s (about 6-7 kB/S). Does annyone have any ideas, however crazy, about what I can do to speed this up? I am on a 10Mb connection, so there is no excuse for running this slowly. I am currently using ProFTP, but I have also tried the built-in FTP server with the same results. People were getting good speeds a while ago, I am not sure what changed, unless it was the upgrade to 10.1... Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks!
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There is this thread that covers duplex mismatch.

It appears to be set correctly. As far as I can tell.

You mentioned that this might be related to your upgrade to 10.1. I have not used Pro-FTP, but it seems that one potential problem might be some conflict between Pro-FTP and 10.1's built-in server. If you were required to disable the native FTP during the Pro-FTP install, you might need to do this again.

All I did after compiling and installing ProFTP was to change the ftp line in my inetd.conf file to point to the ProFTP server rather than the built-in. Might there be some other disabling process I need to do? I speculate that 10.1 might have something to do with it, because as far as I can remember that is the only thing that changed since it was running well. I have reinstalled ProFTP sincce then as well, but not untill after the slowdown.

Could there also be a problem with the hub or switch (if you have one)? Does powering off/on these devices help?

Certainly possible, unfortunately since I am on my schools network, I have no access to any hubs/switches there may be, and turning them off/on wouldn't be an option anyway, unless I wanted a lot of irate students on my hands ;)
Thanks for the thoughts!
I just found out that the speed problem only applies to downloads. Uploads still run at full speed. I wish I had some idea what to do about it :(