Software Update trying to pull a fast one?


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Hi, I just ran into this while messing around tonight. Software Update tried to get the latest version of iCal, but when I tried to download it, it gave me a strange message:

Can someone tell me what's going on? If updating iCal really takes 300mb, I don't want it! Why would iCal grow to such a bloated size? Thanks.



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Try downloading the package and trying again. The "Installer" application has been known to do this erroneously sometimes, and simply quitting the "Installer" application and trying again (sometimes multiple times) fixes it.


No, iCal does not need that kind of space. The optimization process that the installer takes care of, may need considerably more than space taken by the actual app being installed. This is released when the install is completed.
Are you actually that low on space? Less than 300 MB space available with OS X is critically low.