SSD upgrade -- a brand-new computer


U.S.D.A. Prime
Just plopped an Intel 320 120GB SSD into my Mac mini (Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz).

I now have a Mac Pro.

Holy schnikes, what a difference it makes! I was amazed at how my MacBook Air flew along despite the 1.6GHz CPU, and I knew it had something to do with that SSD in there... so, I figured, give the Mac mini the royal treatment as well, and it paid off in spades.

With spinning-platter hard drive prices so ridiculously high, and SSD prices coming slowly down, I thought now was the time to do it.

Anyone else with an SSD upgrade experience?


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Yep. I put a SSD (from OWC) in my 2007 Mac Book Pro and it was like getting a new machine. I just used an extra external USB2 disk to my Time Capsule (used for backing up two Macs). It holds my Music & Pictures and know i just hope Santa Clause brings me some external speakers so I listen to Music/Web Radio (I use FStream, the geeky web radio small free player) while in the shower). :eek:


U.S.D.A. Prime
I can honestly say this is the single "best" upgrade I've ever done to any of my computers.

RAM upgrades in the past were "nice," at best.

CPU upgrades were phenomenal for their time, but lost their luster within a year.

Hard drive capacity upgrades were rendered moot over time as my collection filled the drives.

Installing an ATA-100 card in an ATA-33 system gained negligible speed boosts overall.

This SSD, though, is like strapping a turbo-charger to the rocket that is my Mac mini. Bootup time went from a minute or so to sub-15 seconds. Everything is instantaneous -- even iTunes with a rather large music collection launches almost immediately. Photoshop takes 2 seconds to launch. It's incredible, to say the least.

Just kinda wanted to shout from the mountaintops about this upgrade. If anyone's on the fence about an SSD upgrade, I'll talk some sense to 'em. The only drawback has been the space consideration, since SSDs are much smaller in capacity for the price, but the overall benefits outweigh that small obstacle by a factor of a bajillion (or more!).

What was once a pokey 2.0GHz Mac mini is now my interstellar rocket ship.

Oscar Castillo

Last year I put a 240GB OCZ Vertex 3 in both an Early 2011 MacBook Pro and Dell XPS 15z. The MacBook as already a screamer with the quad Core i7, but once I tried Handbrake, the encodes were blazing fast, like nothing I've seen before.