stereo not playing all tracks?


I've got a car stereo (Sony cdx f7750s) which will not play after track 60 or so, there is 119 tracks on the cd-r. 652.1 mb, cd player mp3 compatible.
I believe that the cd player is only finding one group or folder. Using iTunes 5
on iMac G5.
Can anyone tell me how to resolve this?
Try another CD player beside that one. It maybe a limitation of the CD player. You will have to play Sherlock Holmes for a little bit.
I'd put it down to a limitation of your CD player, albeit it sounds a little strange.
You could also burn a test CD, say with 70 tracks. If the player will still do only 65, then it's a player limit...
I'm sure it will play up to 999 tracks although I cannot find instruction book!
It has a folder symbol on display and music symbol, folder symbol goes up and down numerically, music note only ever goes to 01.
Has iTunes put in 119 albums with one song and if it has how do I make it one album with 119 tracks.
In display on car stereo it always says Unknown for album on id3 tag.
You should test this disk in another player. See if it displays the number of tracks that are on the disk. You can try this in a shop that would have several players on display.