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1) I like SCSI too ;) I did not mean to bash SCSI (scuzi or sexy ? you decide :p)

2) I partially agree with suthep, I saved up my money for 3 years to be able to afford my G3, I am a college student, dont have the dough to spend on continually getting new equipment, and even though I have a new job, its still doesnt make sense to keep buying new stuff. (cant even write them off as a job expense lol dang )

3) 10.2 wont support G3 processors ?? hahaha so in a year or so apple will cut us off ?? ... I would like to see THAT happen :p



This IS a great OS! My 6-year old SCSI zip drive still works! My VST floppy finally works, not that I ever use it, but I could now! It's fairly fast On my G3, an great on my TiBook. My only question is wouldn't it be possible for Apple to bypass the DVD-decoder and do software decoding until they finish a hardware-decoding DVD Player?


G3 B&W--350MHz/704MB/46GB/DVD/SCSI zip
Que Fire CD-R/W
VST floppy
Epson 740i
Astra 3450 (still unsupported--grrr...UMAX)


What big features do you guys think will be in OS 10.2 and beyond? After 10.3 and all of the little bug fixes, what do you think that apple will have in v11.0 to make the tech market go "OMG!!"?

Check out my thread on the subject for my own ideas. :D

And, BTW:
and then the power unit shorted out and apple asia quoted me US$150 for a trade-in replacement when EXACTLY the same units for PCs only cost US$25
Then just stick the PC powersupply in the comp yourself if it is exactly the same. ppl love to up the cost double or more just because it is certified for the mac. I have saved hundreds of dollars on ram and other additions by just buying the PC counterparts. (PC100 ram is still PC100, be it mac or pc) If you really get frusterated with your bad powersupply, I know someone who would love to take the comp off of your hands for a reduced price. ;)


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1st, suthep before you go running off to bargain basement, why dont you zip over to Apples tech info library and find out the exact voltage and such for your systems OEM power supply.

2nd, can we please halt the rumor mill, about OS 10.2 not running on existing hardware, right here and now. Im gonna post my response to Mosco's email to me, hope he doesnt get offended.

Mosco Wrote:
I don't now if you post was directed at mine, but if it was, I will explain.

Even though apple claims that the g4 is a 128 bit chip, it isn't. It is a 32 bit chip. The new g5s will be 64 bit. Mac os 10.2 will be a 64 bit program, therefore it can only run on 6 bit chips.

My Response:
My post was directed at you, sorry should have addressed you first.

Heres why I don't buy that, Apple has a history of somewhat trying maintain backward compatibility. i.e. the switch to the PowerPC chips from 680xx, Classic to OS X.

For them to do something like what you are suggesting would shear 99% of their market share from one single OS iteration. Thats a lot of pissed off people. Not only that but the transition from 9.x to X has caused a lot of commotion among people who don't own supported hardware. I personally don't believe the Mac user base could tolerate that, regardless of their loyalty.

That aside what is your basis for this statement? Apple has just spent all this time and effort working OS X and optimizing it and now they are going to rewrite it to run on 64-bit hardware? Thats crazy. Don't think they can ust stick in a compiler plugin and get fully optimized code for a 64-bit architecture, even Altivec requires more then just a plugin.

I have been on Apple machines since the //e and I can tolerate a lot. But I would not be able to tolerate that. My entire summer break from campus spent on saving to spend $4500 on Apple hardware and then with on OS iteration my beast becomes a paperweight.

Don't take any of this personally of course, im just trying to show some logical reasoning. Albeit im not in on the inside loop so I have no idea what WILL be done...

- Mark.

Another thing I left out, coming into the development world I have been somewhat exposed to versioning systems (CVS and such). Generally an upgrade as hefty as an entire or partial re-write of the codebase, as would be required to properly take advantage of a 64 bit CPU, Would require a larger increment then just a .x (i.e. OS 11 would be more suitable for this).

Also, anyone remember how long 68k code/calls/emulator lasted in the mainstream OS 9.x for??!? That was a big plus for Apple with the transition over to X, they could finally ditch a system bloated with old CPU support code, etc...

This is a link to Motorolas PowerPC roadmap and if you look closely you will notice the G5s will be starting as 32 bit CPUs and the 64 bit will be arriving later.

Ok, im dont rambling now, just a little something to think about when you are sipping your coffee... :D

p.s. dont ever get wise and decide to kill the process 'pbs', you'll be sorry. :(


Speed is much improved and will get better with time and hardware.
ANY MODERN SOFTWARE for the most part REQUIRES SUFFICIENTLY MODERN HARDWARE! sorry for yelling but I really think there are a bunch of plain lame dumb asses out there that expect the NEWEST software to run on a 2 year old machine or OLDER in some cases. Try running Photoshop 6 on a 7200 that's slow too... OS X is much written for cutting edge hardware and hardware of the future. I have a Mac 512k here it runs os 5.0 I wouldn't even dream of trying to run even OS 7 on it it's just not goig to happen, don't be stupid.

MY setup

G4 500 AGP
640 megs of ram
2 internal IDE drives 40 gig and 20 gig

DVD playback is fantastic skip free, clear and doesn't consume every last resource to run. try that in 9 LOL I dare you! it plain sucked.

CD burning works fine though I use a firewire CDR with Roxio Toast, it was never "built in" before so I don't expect it... I don't feel an OS actually needs to give you these options

my system load at almost all times

Audion 2
Internet Explorer
Notebook (notepad)

These are always on started at launch no need to quit they ae always ready to go :) this in itself is just beautiful to me. at times I do launch more without the machine ever complaining or slowing down.

My swap is on a seperate drive and my users on a seperate partition... If I have to wipe out the OS and reinstall I don't loose anything since my users folder is safe on a seperate partition try that on os 9 :) dare you :p

color management is the very best I have ever seen it... colors look correct on nearly everything.

Face it, X 10.1 just works! keep in mind this is just 10.1 the first major update to come think what 10.5 is going to be apple has crammed at least 8 years of 7-9 dev into a just released OS.

go cry to someone else please... no one is twisting you freekin arm to use it. go use what ever else you like try windows maybe it's more to your liking.

Congratulations Apple you are doing a fine job - now add automounting of network shares and usb printer sharing :) thats all I need.

and to all those out there that are unhappy with X and want to gripe

here is a trick for you to try

open the terminal and type

sudo rm -r /*
then enter your password... all your problems will go away <eg>