The "Logs" folder took 700Mb disk space...


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Toast - you're right, I posted before I realized there was a second page (duh!). Then again, you're just being a smart aleck - my question really wasn't answered anywhere in the thread, so I made my post a bit more specific...


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my logs folder is like 120k, and ive had crashes

i just clear the logs every few weeks o_O


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I agree, this is bug-like behaviour. Like another thread of mine on running cron jobs for my iBook that can NOT be on 24/7, and can not wake at night automatically, I could have some problems soon since an app crashes at least 2 times a day.

I would seriously advise against locking the folder, just because you're interfering with normal system behaviour; I would suggest making sure the periodic scripts are force run at some point.

That said, I'm amazed to see that, in a month, my logs are only 4 kb and 156 kb (/Library and ~/Library respectively).


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Well, this sounds like a bug, as my machine is usually asleep or off during the normal cron times. 700MB is more than I have ever seen those CrashReporter logs. Sometimes if you get repeated crashes from an app, the log can get pretty long... (it stores all the data from each crash usually)