Time Capsule HD Upgrade Inquiry

Harvey Young

My first (or maybe second) generation Time Capsule's 500GB hard disk just failed, and I intend to replace it with a 2 TB H/D.
Can someone please recommend the optimally best brand/model to purchase? The WD Caviar Green WD20EARS might be a good choice, I've been told, but I am looking for an opinion from someone knowledgeable in this regard.

Thanks Very Much
Western Digital or LaCie are both good drives in my experiences. Do not use the software included in the drive. Use Disk Utility (in your Utility folder) to format and/or partition the drive.
Thanks for that, Cheryl, but can you recommend specific model numbers?
WD's Caviar Green WD20EARS is available here in Japan where I live, but perhaps there is a more suitable model.
LaCie 2TB drives appear to be unavailable, at least through Amazon Japan.
What is available where you live can be totally different from what I, or anyone else, would recommend. I suggest you check out the reviews posted on Amazon, or do a search on that model for reviews.
In the case of WD, Samsung and perhaps other hard disks, if products with the same model number are offered in different areas of the world, most likely the product itself is the same.

I'm surviving very well here in Japan, however I cannot read or write, so in that regard I have difficulty perusing reviews.

So, if you would recommend a hard disk replacement to someone living in N.America, which might you suggest?
Harvey I would suggest you read the blog post What Hard Drive Should I buy? that came to the conclusion the either the Western Digital Red Drives and the Enterprise Hitachi drives.

I say an enterprise drive since it will be on most of the time.