Upgraded OS & lost iPod library?


Please tell me it isn't so! Did I really just lose everything off my iPod? Did a clean install of 10.4 onto my Powerbook G4 (in my hurry to get X11 which still isn't working) and connected the iPod, which looks like it is completely free of any music of any kind.

Is there anything this idiot can do to salvage the situation?
If you had done a clean install of Tiger, that is, an erase and install - then your iTunes is also clean (no music is there until you reload from your backup, or download from CDs or from the ITMS)
Your iPod is not affected until you plug the iPod into your computer, so iTunes launches and auto-updates from your iTunes library. If you have nothing in iTunes yet, iTunes replaces the song list on your iPod with (nothing), deleting the song list from your iPod.
Well how do you stop that from happening? It seems odd that it would just delete the whole thing without so much as a question :) Any thoughts out there?

There is always a dialog box that states "This iPod is associated with another computer. Would you like to associate this iPod with this computer's library?" or something to that effect when you first connect the iPod to iTunes on a new/freshly installed computer.

Is there a chance that you possibly just clicked through this dialog without fully reading it first?

You can try manually browsing your iPod with the Terminal -- the music may still be there, but will be located in folders with cryptic filenames. If not, then yes, the music is gone -- the iPod always syncs with iTunes' library, and, as such, if there is no music in the iTunes library, then there will be no music on the iPod.