Usb & Shutdown Problem


Hello all,

I have a G4 dual 450MHz Gigabit ethernet machine running 10.2.8 (build 6R73). It has been running well. But, I recently purchased a Dell 2005FWP monitor with USB ports built in.

The monitor is great, works well. If I try to plug the USB cable into the USB ports on the back of my G4, I get great results until I try to shut down. The machine properly shuts down and then springs right back to life. If I disconnect the USB cable, everything runs perfectly again.

I would like to keep the easily accessible USB ports if I can. I believe that the ports on the monitor are USB 2.0 and the ports on my G4 are the old USB.

I have already started up holding down command & option & P & r. That didn't work.

Any suggestions?
That result is typical of a USB hub that is staying active for some reason, which would be the USB hub inside the monitor. You might have good luck by installing a USB 2.0 PCI card in your G4, and connect through that to the display. Here's a good card
You can also try shutting off the monitor before shutting off the computer -- shutting off the monitor should disable the USB hub in the monitor.