V 10.8.2 new mac wont let me install Norton or other non apple


I just got my Mac so I am trying to put my NIS 5 on it as soon as possible. Downloading from Norton site and then I open it and it opens up the box containing user guide, read me and the actual installer. Double clicking the installer does nothing and I can not drag it and down loading it again doesn't change a thing. New to macs so have no idea what is wrong. Also tried to install a Wacom tablet but the same problem appears and will never initialise an install, always sitting idle after double clicking to open. Help please :)

Just to add, I havent done anything on it yet other than try to install norton and wacom, I have no other programs or things which I put on to mess it up.

Is this your first Mac?

I can't think of a situation that would make it a priority to install anything from Norton.
Anyway, the read-me file, or the user guide likely tells you how to install your Norton software.
I don't know how recent Norton software works, but it shouldn't be much different from other Mac software.
Double-click the installer .pkg should cause the OS X Installer utility to run, and you just follow the directions.
Other methods might only need to drag the application from the disk image to wherever you want to copy it.

Same for the Wacom software, which is usually a normal installer package - so double-click on the installer, and you should see the icon for the installer appear in the Dock.
Make sure you have the most up-to-date software for your Wacom model, which you can find here: http://www.wacom.com/en/support/drivers

If you still struggle with the installer - try restarting your Mac, then try the installer again.

You might also note on this page, http://www.reedcorner.net/mac-anti-virus-testing-01-2013/ where there is very recent tests of a variety of "protection" software, that the Norton software was way down the list, and the top-ranked software (Avast) is completely free.
thanks I downloaded Avast no problem and will forget about Norton. I got my Wacom working now too, all of a sudden it just let me install it so I dont know what happened. Thanks again
I always restart after installing any antivirus software, so it fully activates. If you did that, then the restart is likely what allowed the installer to work properly.

Good luck! Glad to hear you got some things sorted out. If you have other questions, you can always come back here with those, too...