Virtual Pc And Garmin Gps

I have posted this question before, but thought I would see if any new success has developed.

I have a Garmin GPS Map60cs, and the Garmin software runs only on windows, so I have Virtual PC 7 installed on my 1.5 GHz PowerBook(Aluminum), but the Garmin isn't recognized, and hence won't work with the Mac / Vitual PC 7.

I know there was some success in the past with older Garmin units using a Serial to USB adapter, but there is no serial port on the newer Garmin GPS, only USB.


As always, thanks.

In the VirtualPC preferences (or the virtual machine preferences) you should be able to select which USB devices you would like to use with VirtualPC. Make sure that there's a checkmark next to the Garmin device (plug in the Garmin device before launching VirtualPC).
Thnak you for web site. Very Helpful, very nice guys there, and even though they don't have a working solution for my situation, they did tell me the problem is with Garmin withholding the info needed to produce a working script, so I am gonna take my argument to Garmin and see what they have to say.

Thanks. I'll let you know if there is any success...