Weird Login to site issue


In Geostationary Orbit
This is a weird bug. Ever since the web site redesign, if you log out of the site, close the window, open a new windows and then try to sign-in at the top of the screen it doesn't show characters as you type but does register and let you to still log in. I know this is a small bug but I thought you all should be aware of it.

Currently using Safari 6.0.1 on my Mac Pro in signature.


I even went to my "go to for different" web browser - iCab, under OS X 10.5.8
Same thing, no user name or password echoes to the login boxes.
I also thought it's a security choice for the forum.
Not a big deal for me, but I almost never log out, and only noticed it at first when the new forums came up, and I had to log in at that time. I expect some folks will really struggle to log in, or register as new to the site.
If it's not a bug, it would be nice to mention that you won't see your login as you enter it.