What Song Are You Playing Now?

In My Pants! :cool:

"O Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi" Carmina Burana, Carl Orff

Which is, of course, "O Fortune, Empress of the World!"

. . . in my pants :oops:

Now go forth and kick a few peasants! Take the castle! Rap[CENSORED--Ed.] and pillage . . . er . . . um . . . "Acquire with Persuasion Extraordinary!"

Since I do not own a calendar I decided to finally watch Neon Genesis Evangelion after various recommendations, details of which I will not upon you inflict other than the end credits . . . seemed . . . familiar . . . I have . . . heard this . . . before.

Every episode ends with a variation of:


All of them:

Now . . . it is in YOUR HEAD!

--J. "In My Pants?" D.

逆さまの蝶--Sakasama no Chō--"Inverted Butterfly."

"Inverted Butterfly . . . in my . . . pants?" :confused:

From 地獄少女--Jigoku Shōjo--"Hell Girl."

"Hell Girl . . . in my pants!" :cool:

--J. "いっぺん 死んで見る?"
Underrated band . . . if that makes sense.

Last week, on ANOTHER FORUM [Boo. Hiss.--Ed.] people posted "Fish Heads" in honor of Bill "Pvt. 'Game Over! Game OVER!' Hicks" Paxton. I will not do that since it will cause heads to explode, but it was an infamous short along with song-that-will-drive-you-to-serial-killing-or-worse-country-western-music that played often on the MTV "the kids those days" watched. He did this with Billy "Danger Pedo Dr. Smith Will Robinson!" Mummy.

But then it would be "Fish Heads! Fish Heads! Rolly-Polly Fish Heads!" in my pants. . ..

So, instead, found two of my favorite comic songs:

--J. "RIP Bill Paxton" D.