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On today’s Smart TV 4K time how much of the TV’s Smart function or do you use a TV box? I personally would like to buy a 4K dumb box and use multiple TV boxes for my Smart functions!


I rarely watch TV. I like to read useful magazines, for example mytoptools. Therefore, I want to buy an excellent soldering station that the author describes in one of his articles.


Hi, now I am thinking of new clothes because I am tired of old ones. I don't like it anymore but I have no idea what I want. I found BeleneChandia.com's women's fashion Guide and I know which clothes are fashionable and stylish but I don't know what I need the most. It's rather complicated to define.


I need to buy something for house cleaning. What modern devices do you know? For example did you have some experience with steam mops? I read several articles about this and I know that it can help with floor cleaning. Also it can be such a good point to save your time for other important things!
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Now I want to find some good sound system for home. Can you share some recommendations pls? For example what do you think about such wireless devices from Merchdope top pick? I liked that there won't be a lot of different cables!
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The first question is what are you plans for this sound system? Whole house or just the TV room or just two or three rooms connected to one source?