White/grey screen without Apple logo


I'm having some issues with my MacBook Air. Recently it has been slow restarting but now when I try and boot the MBA, all I get is the 'white screen of death' after the chime. No Apple logo. I have waited for a long time and still nothing. Many websites have pointed to the SSD crashing and also a bad/fried logic board. Prior to going out, purchasing either of these items, where could my problem be? I've gotten the boot sequence info below:

POST (startup chime if sucessful)
Open Firmware (No Apple logo so this is the area?)
continues on...

Where should I put my money? SSD or Logic Board?
I read on your other thread that you got a reset by disconnecting the SSD, and then rebooting to get the system to see the empty bus (the flashing folder/?), then you reconnected the SSD, and all is well again.
I hope this will be a long-term fix for you, but I have my doubts. You should probably still be looking to replace the SSD (and keep current backups, eh?)