Wi-fi Problem Specifically To One Device ...


Our router is in the lounge attached with an ethernet cable to the TV digibox (which works fine). All the other devices in our house connect via wi-fi.

My laptop has an excellent connection with good speeds, but my Mac Mini's connection keeps dropping with slow speeds?

Any suggestions from anyone as to how I can solve the problem with the Mac Mini please?


Depends upon how old the Mini is. Is the card b/g/n? Maybe a usb WiFi dongle is in your future?
Are there metal walls between the Mini & the router?


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Did you try the trick by open System Preferences->Network pane and then select you airport card. Then at the top of the page is Location toggle bar. Select a custom name and make a new Location and apply that. Lastly rejoin your wireless network.

See if this helps!


It's a while since I had a MacMini. But we did have a problem when I installed an Airport card. I thought it was in the slot OK, but it wasn't. The card needed a very hard push to click it into place correctly. I thought I was going to break something!