Wireless Netoworking From Xp to Tiger


I just bought my new iBook G4 with Airpot built-in, 'm a newbie in mac, so I have a Windows XP Home Edition SP1, my iBook hava a a MAC OS X 10.4.2,
Well my dsl connection is made by a usb modem that isn't compatible with Tiger, so I bought a PCI Belkin wireless card 802.11b so that I could share my dsl coneection via XP and to share files between Xp and MAC, but so far and 10 tutorials I could't figure out what I have to do...
Can you help me?

Best regards

Bernardo Almeida
Sure, we can try -- what have you tried so far? What has failed? Where does the problem come in? Can the Windows computer "see" the Macintosh computer? What settings have you set on both the Windows computer and the Macintosh computer for wireless networking? Where are these 10 "tutorials" that you've tried, so we can verify them for accuracy (please post links)?

Please elaborate on the actual problem itself -- the things you've tried, the things you haven't tried, the settings you've set on both computers... maybe walk through a session of trying to get it to work step-by-step, and explain exactly where the problem occurs.
what you want is a wireless router so it can take the one IP issued by your ISP and make two IPs for you PC and Mac. Browse your local electronics store for a wireless router that will support both a USB modem and have ethernet ports on it for your PC. Explain to the pimple faced geek what you want to do and he/she will point out the type of router you will need.
ElDiabloConCaca :I have formated my pc, so I'm starting from fresh, I'd like a step by step help, what to do, (I already bought PCMACALN), because I'm a complete duck in networks, :(

Satcomer: I already bought a Wireless PCI Card from Belkin to do the job,só with the Airport I could connect both computers, (the Internet share is secundary), I just need help to connect both, XP and Tiger to work, and to send files one to anothers.