Xcode Install Additional Required Components?


When I run Xcode 6.1.1 on Mac OS 10.9.5 I get the message:

Install additional required components?

I choose Install. Fine it installs.

But many of my folder icons have become generic file icons!

I have tried to fix this by deleting the dock icons and system icons chases using Onyx but this did not work.

The only fix is to reinstall OS X but now Xcode wants to reinstall components.

So what is the fix for this?
If no one knows the answer to this are there any suggestions where I can go to get an answer? There were no responses on Apple Forum.
If you need the required components, and you want to use Xcode, then you need to install the extra components.
I suspect that something ELSE you have installed may be interfering with the process.
First, try rebuilding the Launch Services database. It's in OnyX, under the maintenance tab.
I used APCleaner to remove all of Xcode. Then I downloaded and reinstalled. That went fine. But once again my desktop folder icons were gone. Rebuilding Launch Services did not help.Had to reinstall Mavericks.
Did reinstalling MavX fix your issue with the icons this time?
If it did NOT fix the icons when you have Xcode components reinstalled, then I would ask the question: How does the fact that the icons are different affect what you do?
Are actual file icons affected - or folder icons ONLY?
Reinstalling Mac OS always fixes the problem. I think only folder icons are affected. The folder icons become generic document icons.