Try this (from
$> su
type the root password.
$> open -e /System/Library/CoreServices/
The file opens with TextEdit, find in the text "1013", then replace "<key>command</key>" by "<key>menu</key>" under the selected line, do the same by finding "1014", save.

Just click on the separation bar on the Dock !!!




what version of OS X are you using?
you did alter the .lproj appropriate to the language your OS is installed in, didn't you?
This worked fine!

Thanks for the hack!!!

Pointer for those who can't get it to work...


(notice the person who posted this tip is using French - If you use ENGLISH the filename IS DIFFERENT)

3] LOGOUT and then LOGIN (or kill the dock app from command line - so it restarts with the new settings)

4] CLICK AND HOLD just to the RIGHT or LEFT of the line that divides the APPS from the DOCS in the dock (it's found on the left side of the dock).

Hope this helps!

Oh, the joys of XML.... Basing the OS on modern rendering and structural technologies (PDF, XML) was one of the crucial decisions that Apple made.

I only hope that the OS X user base can "get it" enough to take advantage of its power.

Wow! that worked great! Had to reset the Root password (I don't remember the installer asking for Root-level info) and I didn't have to Log-out before being able to use the new preferences.

with this hack you can set the Orientation (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) and the Pin (anchor the Dock to the Start, Center, and End).

Auto hide with with the Dock oriented to the Left and Right is the best :D

You must be using post beta builds because the .lproj files do not exist the the pb. Has anyone used this hack in 4k78 or later to verify that it still works?

Looking forward to getting X this Sat. more than Ever,
The only problem is I can't put it in the second monitor. I only use the Dock for information, I hate using it as an app switcher because it tells apps to open new documents. I use the Drop Drawers switcher.

Anyway I put it on the left pinning at the end and I like it. If only Apple would open source the Dock so I could make it suck less.
Yea, Apple needs to change the behavior depending on the orientation. If ti's at the top the bouncing needs to be reversed, and when onthe side the bouncing should either go up and down or if going side to side ought to cabbage patch (if you know what I mean).

I mean when it's at the top it's like churning butter.
Any thoughts on why this menu was a hidden feature? It seems obvious, especially given the dock's surface similarities to the Win Start Bar.
I've applied the hack to the xml pref file but when I log out and log back in, the dock is back in the center.

I can still move it over to the right but I don't want to have to do that every single time I log in.
I have the same problem. Perhaps because this is an unsupported feature, there's no prefs file for the dock. I hope it gets officially implemented...anyone have any ideas?
It is possible to use PropertyListEditor, on the developer CD, to edit propertylists like this in a bundle. This way means no kneed for unix cmd's.

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I am logged as root, and I copy-pasted the file address (I am using french as well)... the document opens and I can edit it without any problem, but when i try to save it I get a message telling me the doc could not be saved. Any idea what the problem could be?