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    Manually set time on iPod touch to the second?

    Hi! I need to sync the time on my iPod to the clock that my work runs off. It's live television so I need it to be super accurate. More specifically, I need an alarm to beep every thirty minus... So far I have not found a way of doing this! Anybody got a solution? Thanks!
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    Apple Mail - Auto sort incoming mail?

    Haha oh wow that was really easy. Thanks!!
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    Apple Mail - Auto sort incoming mail?

    Hey! I'm using one email for various things at the moment, so I'm receiving emails from all over the place and having them land in my inbox. I'd like, for example, "" to be sent to a new folder within my apple mail client called "fakefolder", and then...
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    XBOX 360 + MBP on the same monitor??

    Hey guys, Okay I'll make this as short and simple as possible... I have an XBOX 360 I have a Macbook Pro 15" I DON'T have any monitor at the moment. Is there some sort of television or monitor available that I can plug my macbook pro into? Or is there a cable that I can use to do this...
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    League of Legends (simpler method)

    I saw the other thread on this, it looks far more complicated than it really should be... Go to this website, click downloads. Feel free to add me! I don't play often though: hipsterjew
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    Apple Numbers Source Formatting?!!

    Hey guys, Unlike Excel, I can't find any way of retaining source formatting while copy/pasting cells. It comes up with some sort of error. Is there an easy way to retain source formatting? Or do I have to manually change my formatting? Thanks!
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    "Mac OS X cannot be installed on this computer"

    Okay my dad thought he could reformat his MacBook Pro no sweat. It's the 15-inch 2007 model and it came with OS 10.5 (I think these are the correct details). Anyway, he's inserted the disk to boot from to re-install the software but it's come up with the message: "Mac OS X cannot be...
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    Printing White??

    Okay thanks heaps for the help guys! Appreciate it.
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    Printing White??

    Haha thanks heaps for the posts guys! I understand that white is the absence of pigment, but I was merely curious, no need to jeer. Also, will a laser printer print white? Or will I have the same problem? Cheers.
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    Printing White??

    Hey guys, I'm about to print out a document on black paper, however something occurred to me... I don't have white ink! Do I need white ink to print white on black? Or... Well I don't really know what I'm asking. Can I do this? Or is there such a thing as white ink? Regards.
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    iTunes will not import some .mp3 files.

    I am running Mac OS X 10.5.8 My friend gave me a USB with some songs on it. These songs work fine on his Windows OS. This is a step-by-step of what I did to try open the .mp3 files. -I double click the .mp3 files. -iTunes opens but songs are not imported. -I drag and drop files into library...
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    Cannot open some .mp3 files in iTunes??!

    bump sorry guys, still having the same issue =_=
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    Cannot open some .mp3 files in iTunes??!

    Nope, that was the first thing I tried. No luck. The thing is, some of the files are successfully added to my library, but some just choose not to! Thanks anyway!
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    Cannot open some .mp3 files in iTunes??!

    Hey guys! My mate gave me a USB with some .mp3 files on it. When I double click the files they do not open in iTunes. What I mean is, iTunes opens but nothing actually plays; they are not added to the Library. I can open them in Quicktime and they play perfectly, but for some reason they will...
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    Annoying iTunes!!

    Thanks DeltaMac, you got it one. It won't be annoying me any more. Regards and Thanks