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    Access the 2007 Beta Site

    I'd still like to see a New Post link where it was before rather than having to use a drop down menu. Just my two cents. On the Tech page, I don't see any ads in either Firefox or Safari. In Firefox I have the ad blocker.
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    AOL mail

    Check Here for instructions.
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    Access the 2007 Beta Site

    We need the New Post link on the Beta forums.
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    Joining partitions

    Drive genius will do this for you. Here's a Manual for it that explains how.
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    Custom iPod

    Let's see your yacht :)
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    Funniest Mac VS PC video EVER!

    Removed your last line. Not in keeping with our Forum etiquette.
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    When are you getting the panics, and what do your Crash Reporter logs show? (User/Library/Logs)
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    Geek message

    disconnect any USB devices and try FSCK again.
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    Apple makes a move

    Apple bought the source code to CUPS and hired its creator back in February of this year.
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    iPhone beep

    You don't happen to have an alarm set in the Clock program do you? That would cause it to beep. Or an alert in Calendar.
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    How to rebuild iPhoto library

    See if this helps.
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    network icon removal

    Have you tried restarting? Check the Finder Preferences/Sidebar - make sure Network is checked.
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    Which MacBook Pro hard drive dilemma?

    Chic0 - you should keep 15% free space on your drive, otherwise you have a chance of data corruption/loss or drive failure.
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    Who changed my Safari, and how did they do it.

    The News items are probably RSS feeds. You can turn that off in the Preferences.
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    NoWonder! / links in the nav bar

    Nowonder home page has a link to the Nowonder forums. Both and are the same forums. Scott was having some problems yesterday. I sent him a note about Nowonder being down.