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    I cant config my site on my new host

    I don't want to just come out of the blue with this.. but I had errors when moving servers when using shorthand php e.g. "<? ?>", could this be caused by this? Just thought I'd mention that :)
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    Interactive presentation with iPad? Adobe air?? Keynote?

    Hey guys, It's been a VERY long time since I was last here on this forum. Well, in the top right of the screen it does say . You may know me as "CharlieJ" or "CJ MAC OSX IPOD". Don't worry, things have changed now, I'm far more mature (previously there were debates around my poor spelling...
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    iMac G5 Airport, Hard Drive & RAM upgrades

    9,1 PowerPC, Without the iSight
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    iMac G5 Airport, Hard Drive & RAM upgrades

    Hi guys, I'm looking to replace a few bits in my iMac. Just to verify - what airport card, hard drive and ram do I need for my iMac G5?? Charlie
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    how do I open/use a .asp file?

    What do you mean by 'weird characters' - This may be code? For example <html> <head> <title>Code</title> </head> <body> <div class="this_is_nice">Hello, This is a really nice div</div> <p>La, lalalalalalalalala, LAA </p> </body> </html> Very simple example - but that's what it could look like...
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    What is up with my iMac?

    It's probably one of the white ones and the GPU has fallen off of the motherboard. I'd contact Apple if your still in warranty. Charlie
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    iPhone 3G battery suddenly not lasting

    Yes it can shorten battery life if you are choosing to run applications in the background, the act of jail breaking will not effect your battery life. Installing and using backgrounder (or similar) may effect your battery. Loose the stupid plugs for your website.
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    Importing pics NOT taken with but stored in iPhone

    View the attachment, those two images were saved from the net. Charlie (Yes 68ºC is hot! It's down to 50ºC now. I've blurred out inappropriate stuff e.t.c. and yes everything in the dock is legit. :D)
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    Importing pics NOT taken with but stored in iPhone

    If you have a few photos to transfer - Email them :) I'm not 100% on the problem as I would normally use SSH to transfer any files from my iPhone. I hope this helps. Charlie
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    i photo application won't open

    Onyx Install it then go: maintenance > and under rebuilding check "Launch Servces" and run that. This has fixed problems for me in the past. Charlie
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    mac - advantages/disadvantages for web design

    Why hasn't Coda been mentioned? The ONLY web development app for mac. Charlie
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    iPhone as XMas Present, any ideas?

    I have no idea how to answer this. I can't quite understand what you are asking. An iPhone is always a great gift to buy anyone! It's great to use as a phone and also act's as an organiser, email client, games console, web browser, calendar, iPod, camera, video camera (3gs)... Not to...
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    HD Capture card for mac?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a HDMI HD capture card for my iMac. Does anyone know of a good quality capture card at a good price? Charlie