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    Seeking a true OSX.1 user who has network experience, THANKSSSS!

    The switch you are having must still have the old ethernet address attached to the ports. You could either restart the switch, off it and turn it on in a one minute. or you could manually delete the arp address from the computers
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    Help - DSL Stalling

    Are you using PPPoE for your DSL?
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    the ftp-data is not being forwarded.. and there is no way to forward it. we could try a general rule /sbin/ipfw add allow tcp from any 1024-65535 to 192.168.1.x 20 setup keep-state interchange "setup keep-state" and "established" to see the results. it might help
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    Routes, Routing Tables, NAT, etc. - I'm confused. HELP

    typing route -p add mask is also similar to what you type on Unix. and this is also a technical solution on a Windows box so i don't see there a non-technical solution on both platforms. looking at both ip's your subnet in order to talk to each other will...
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    You didn't specify that you wanted 9000 to be redirected to port 21 in your first post. Didn't see the second post. My bad FTP redirection is a bit nasty. port 21 fwding is fine. the nasty bit is the ftp-data port 20 which has to keep state. here's one /sbin/ipfw add allow tcp from any...
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    add this /sbin/ipfw divert 9000 all from to 192.168.1.x/24 in where 192.168.1.x is your internal server you want to forward to note: you can replace with your isp address provided it is static. It is also not advisable to alias ip addresses for ip packet accounting...
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    Connecting two macs simultaneously to Internet via CableModem & an Ethernet hub.

    The reason your getting the 169.x.x.x is that you have set your other machines to get a dynamic address from a dhcp server, and there is non to be found. Seems that your Tibook has taken your 1 cable provided address. You will require a router or a computer performing NAT which will take your 1...
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    If you registered from your isp, the isp would put your domain name in their local dns servers. If you registered with the internic, you would have to provide your addresses for your dns servers (those you are running yourself) or the registrar's dns servers which contains all the records...
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    Alternatives to Software Base Station
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    (slightly) newbie OSX and Linux network Q.

    Provided that you do not have a DNS server running. In all OSes there is a hosts file located in the system directory In OS 9, its in System Folder In Linux, /etc/hosts In Windows, Windows System:: hosts In each of these files, you have to populate it with the ip address to name...
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    I see where you are getting at. During your registration with, what name servers did you put down? Unless you are registered with your isp, you cannot put the name servers in your config to it. Your isp name servers do not know that is registered to one of...
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    Alternatives to Software Base Station

    By looking at your setup, I'd suggest you get an Airport. Its a bit tad expensive I know, but from a single point of connection it serves its purpose well in your environment. The new Airport now supports internet connection sharing as well as a dialup modem so its a good choice. Whats your...
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    SMB and WinXP

    Things to check in your configuration Windows XP TCP/IP (doh, make sure you have the same subnet) Netbios (You have to additionally install it, its listed under IPX/SPX) Sharing, (when in sharing, just click "Just share this folder"don't use the wizard, it resets your tcp/ip configuration)...
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    To get back your serial number, you have to zap your PRAM. Hold Option-apple-P-R three times when first booting.
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    can't tunnel my imap with ssh

    Why don't you try using to try to connect to your server first. If that works, then surely Eudora X would work with it in X. If it doesn't, post it and me and the rest will help you figure it out. P.S classic apps may not be able to see the ssh tunnel because of the ssh binaries...