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    How Old are You?

    I am 33, but don't consider myself "old" yet.
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    Looking for a certain type of software

    EvoCam has the ability to set your display as the source to be viewed via web browser.
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    info pop-ups

    I don't think it's possible to disable tooltips.
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    Does iTunes 7 work on G4 400 mhz?

    Hmmmm. I have iTunes 7 running on a G3 iMac DV+ 450 MHz. No problems here so far.
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    PC user needs MAC help

    Are you trying to get a job that involves troubleshooting Macs or something, and that was the list of questions given to you?
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    Please don't laugh to loudly.

    Just a bit of advice: this "HOWTO & FAQS" sub-forum is for posting tips and tricks, not for asking how to do something ;)
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    Worldwide Battery recall?

    Actually it's
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    Time Machine Speculation

    I saw a screen shot somewhere which showed that in addition to scheduled backup times, there was a setting called "Automatically." Perhaps this setting backs up files as they are created/mofified to work like they described in the keynote?
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    Why Use Application Launchers???

    And where application launchers really shine is in quickly launching rarely, or not as oftenly, used apps.
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    Why Use Application Launchers???

    As fryke pointed out, for me it's about Dock tidiness. I prefer my Dock to show me only what is running. I don't want crap in there that isn't being used. I don't want to have to right-click, or click-and-hold to navigate a menu to find what I want to launch. When I'm working I'm more than...
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    Get "Spaces" today!

    Desktop Manager is now Virtue Desktops, if I'm not mistaken. Desktop Manager was abandoned and was picked up (or at least the code was) by Tony Arnold, the author of Virtue Desktops. bunga - You can "bind" applications to specific desktops in Virtue Desktops. From the Virtue Desktops menu item...
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    Bootcamp and 10.5

    Actually, you can download it. But the installer has to be modified to not check for compatible hardware (IR receiver, I guess). I have it installed on my PowerBook G4, and use Salling Clicker to control it using my Palm Treo 650...
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    Leopard 'Spring 2007'..!

    This event wasn't for us, the consumers, so much. It is a Developers Conference. They can't just say to the developers, "Hey guys, this is Leopard. Neat, huh? Have your apps ready in two months for it. Thanks."