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    Capturing a DV signal from many computers

    Oh. Well, if you ever have any friend drop by with a FW-capable portable or the like you could give it a shot and tell us? :D Has anyone tried it using a standard DV camera?
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    Capturing a DV signal from many computers

    Just as I suspected, but in fact, I don't want to share a drive. I would like to share a DV output stream from a DV-producing device. Do you think it's possible?
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    ping inside of crontab fails to produce output

    Hi, Maybe you should add the full path of the 'ping' utility to the ping calls. Secondly, you should call ping specifying the total number of packets to be sent, to prevent the job from not ending. And thirdly, it would be best for you to encapsulate all this work on a single shell file...
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    Capturing a DV signal from many computers

    I have made several Google and macosx-searches for an answer to this. Many Firewire docs point out that "Within the 1394 bus, each node acts as a repeater between nodes and simulates a logically joined bus. It also allows multiple computers to share a given peripheral without any special...
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    Girls dig Mac heads!

    I see I really need a PB. BTW, I lecture in software engineering, I can't wait to see the look on the students' faces once I pull out the PB in class, hehe... :D
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    gVim for Mac OSX

    I think that the poster would be much better off by using 'Fink' to install UNIX packages. Check out ''
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    "Will Never Marry" - Morrisey - 'Bona Drag' album
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    Writing a compiler

    I did two courses in interpreters and compilers. We used 'Flex' and 'Bison' (which I think are the latest versions of the packages you mention). The second course involved producing java-like bytecode, and I assure you that 'compiling' is one of the only projects in CS that includes so many...
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    can i do this with sed?

    Well, there is an XML extension for applescript that might be easier than manually sed'ing the file. (Doing brute-force 'sed' on XML's is usually a pain, I can assure you). dani++
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    Can a AppleScripts call a Unix software ?

    What are you trying to accomplish? If you need some PDF conversion, check out Fink or, there are several readily-available CLI apps that do a lot of stuff that you can invoke from AS. What does that 'convert' do¿? It might be in CUPS... dani++
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    IDE for Mac OS X

    You can use the excellent Apple-supplied XCode. Personally, I would use Eclipse for all non-OSX-specific development. dani++
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    mNo-IP 3.0b9 and Panther

    I don't have Panther. I use the No-IP client on Jag falwlessly... I use the CLI version though. If you are using the GUI version, it might be broken on Panther. If using CLI, try to recompile, if using GUI, drop a polite email to No-IP kindly asking for a new version.
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    G4 iBooks

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Cool. Now all models are G4 or G5 right? That makes for a more complete and consistent product line. In fact, now the iBooks are affordable little speedy machines (definitely kicking my CUBE's ass which is still usable in many tasks). dani++
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    Curious about "built in VPN client" anyone know about it?

    Myself, I use PPTP (Jaguar) extensively at home to connect to my job corporate network. No changes on their part are necessary. Someone has pointed out that PPTP is inherently insecure, is that so? I will google but do you have any pointers?
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    XML Parser ships with OS X?

    Yep, there are plenty of XML goodies out there that work easily on MacOSX. Do some googling and do a couple of searches on versiontracker. Xerces is quite good but quite programmer oriented (or at least CLI-savvy user). There is even an AppleScript extension that does simple XML parsing...