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    Connect two A1407 thunderbolt displays to M1 Macmini?

    Hello. I'm buying an M1 Macmini and have two of the classic 27" A1407 Thunderbolt displays and not sure which adapter I need to use the HDMI port on the mac. From what I've found online, two displays are possible with a very expensive dock but I would think an HDMI > thunderbolt would work along...
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    Disable Tif Alpha Channel Mask Preview in Finder?

    Hello. I work in the graphic arts and anyone who works with images professionally knows what an alpha channel is and most commonly stored in a tif or psd file. One conflict I’m trying to solve is how to disable transparency in Finder and spacebar tap preview to display an image in its entirety...
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    Disable Keyboard on MBP?

    Hello. I want to leave my MBP on to play videos for my cat to watch while I’m gone but I also don’t want him to walk all over the keyboard to mess things up. Is there a way to disable the keyboard and let youtube play in the background? Thanks
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    Increase Mouse Tracking Speed Beyond Max Pref Setting?

    Answered my own question:
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    Increase Mouse Tracking Speed Beyond Max Pref Setting?

    Hello. Is there a utility or a way to increase the max tracking cursor speed for the Apple mouse? I like to keep my tracking speed max'd out, so the cursor will shoot across the screen even if you look at the mouse. But, I'm interested in a way to make the cursor even faster. I've heard gaming...
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    Select Multiple Items In Finder By Column In Icon View?

    Hello! I'm curious if there is a shortcut in Finder to select multiple items by column only, when in icon view? Selecting by row is easy by just holding down shift, but it would make sense to have a similar function to select columns. Thanks
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    A Noob Needs Advice On Scripting 101

    Hello. I work in an Adobe CC environment and reaching a point where more automation is being integrated into the workflow and I need to adapt. The 3 "languages" I foresee being a necessary skill set are: Apple Script Adobe Actionscript Automator I'd appreciate any recommendations for a good...
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    Spotlight Search For Multiple Files At The Same Time?

    WELL... at least i found a workaround. I created a column and pasted OR into each cell, then copied the column with each file name AND the "OR" column. Then I pasted that into the Spotlight field and it worked. SO, I answered my own question. Hope someone else will find this trick handy.
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    Spotlight Search For Multiple Files At The Same Time?

    Hello! Is it possible to do a Spotlight search for multiple files at the same time? I know that if you type OR in-between file names, it will bring up both search results, but I'd like to get around typing "OR" in-between each search query. Ideally, I'd like to copy/paste from a spreadsheet...
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    Need To Batch Rename From .xls Using Automator

    I do have a couple MASSIVE Excel spreadsheets that I can create tab delimited text files from. Whatever you recommend would be a huge help.
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    Any Way To Automate Folder Creation For Tons Of Images?

    Hello! I have a task on that that is a little annoying. I have 1000's of images that need to be grouped together in individual folders based on a string of characters in the file name. For instance, a group of images named: 123_ABCD_xxxx.tif would need to be grouped together in a folder named...
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    Need To Batch Rename From .xls Using Automator

    HELLO! I've done an extensive search for help on this topic and thought it would be better to ask the Pros. I need to rename close to 5000 images. I need to import file names from an Excel doc because the original file names are nothing close to the new file names (I'm dealing with a very...
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    Vpn Config For Ios 8?

    I'd like to take advantage of the VPN panel in iOS. I use public wifi often and want that added layer of security. Any advice for how I can config the VPN settings and where to find server info to connect to? Thanks
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    Need Remote Control Recommendations For Iphone 6

    Hello, I'm searching for a remote control to use with my iPhone 6. The important part of this is that the remote can control video functions, mostly start and stop. I'm a performer, so I want to be have the ability to set up my iPhone in the back of a room and use the remote to start recording...
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    Sync'ing Pages for iOS and Mac to iCloud

    Ok, I have Page's '09 on my MBP and the iOS version of Pages on my iPhone 4s. I love how the iOS version auto-syncs my documents to my iCloud account without any intervention on my part. Does Pages on the Mac have this same type of functionality? Thanks