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    Hard Drive replacement from G4 Tower into G4 Cube Fails?

    Hi all, Looking for ideas why replacing the 20G HD in my son's G4 Cube with the 40G HD previously removed from my G4 Tower (graphite case - digital audito) a year ago when I replaced it with a 120G drive. The 20G drive being removed is a Maxtor, the 40G replacement is an IBM Deskstar. I...
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    Mac OS X mail problem - multiple messages sent

    Found the answer to this on Apple's discussion board. Mail lets you configure the destination mailbox for sent mail. If you set it to "outbox", mail will get stuck in a loop where you mail your message, it gets saved to outbox and immediately re-queued for mailing, sent and saved again, over...
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    Mac OS X mail problem - multiple messages sent

    Hi Folks, Recently I bought my mom an iMac and set her up to use Mail on MacOS X. She was converted from Windoze. Today she is reporting that mail is sending multiple copies of her messages out. She sent me a test message, and I received >20 copies of it. The message header all showed...
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    the stuff that is not piped...

    What you're looking for is not really tee -- since tee is designed to take its STDIN and write it to both STDOUT (which can be redirected to another command) and to a named file. You're looking for a version of grep that writes matches and non-matches to different filehandles, rather than...
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    the stuff that is not piped...

    Well, that's not precisely correct. Pipe only pipes STDOUT, not STDERR, unless you tell it to do otherwise (e.g. by doing |& to capture both STDOUT and STDERR into the pipe). If you just do |, STDERR goes to the same place it normally goes -- usually the terminal. The behavior of your...
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    10.1.1 freezes very often

    I had the same problem, but it started the other day when I installed the new version of iTunes. Anyway. Reboot OS X in single user mode (hold down command-S). When you get a command line prompt, run 'fsck' (a standard unix file system utility). It found problems on my disk when I ran...
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    Formac ProTV tuner for OS X?

    Had to give it a whirl. Well, at least the Formac website page for the studio device is pretty hot on OS X, so hopefully that's a good sign they'll decide to do the ProTV card too. FelineAvenger
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    Formac ProTV tuner for OS X?

    Looks like they did actually release the OS X driver for the studio product. What the hell, I'm going to download it and see if it happens to work with the ProTV card. Can't hurt trying. FelineAvenger
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    Formac ProTV tuner for OS X?

    As of today, Formac tech support is still "evaluating the feasibility" of supporting ProTV under OS X. Hmmph. If feasibility means "technical possibility" I'd be suprised if the answer was no (but what do I know). I think they are really wondering whether it is financially worth their while...
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    extremely annoying problem 10.1.1

    I have this problem too since installing 10.1.1. I've found I can fix it without rebooting - if I go into the monitors control panel i mean system preference, switch to a different monitor resolution, then switch back, my HD icon can be moved to the correct place, and the other icons can be...
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    Cheapest Network Printing Solution?

    I've been wrestling with the same problem - 970Cse attached via parallel port to a jet direct server. The driver for the Deskjet included with MacOS X (not sure if this driver was built by Apple or HP) only supports the printer over USB, not the network. My environ is a 10baseT network across...
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    Weird mouse pointer bug in 10.1

    Anyone have this problem? :confused: Every once in a while (possibly when my computer wakes up from display sleep), the mouse pointer will become vertically stretched to approximately twice its normal height, and points to a location on the screen halfway between the top of the screen and the...
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    Mac OS X v. 10.1

    How bout to make my shares of AAPL worth more? ;) j/k I was a somewhat early adoptor of OS X starting with the 10.0.1 version that came pre installed on my G4. Very little of what I did on my old machine can't be done on the new OS at this point, and most apps I use now have Carbon or...
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    Does This Mean It's Completely Free??

    Yeah, that's another stupid thing. They don't list the sales tax rates anywhere, and the customer service rep didn't know either. At least I could back-calculate the rate from the tax I paid on the computer itself...:p
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    Does This Mean It's Completely Free??

    I don't have coupons, because I got my 10.0.1 with the G4 I bought (just happened to be the first day they started shipping OS X with all new Macs). I have to send a copy of the invoice. One would think, in that case, that the numbers on the invoice and the serial number on the box would do...