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    Apple are planning a press conference for September 7

    Hi all, just read the news on maccentral. That's all? i expected more from Apple. Don't get me wrong: i like the way they are going... but this news is not the revolution they promised with their: here we go again. and even if it was an ipod video... still wouldn't justify that phrase...
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    iphoto slideshow with music through airtunes

    I bought airtunes to get rid of all my cables. The only cable to my Imac G5 is the power cable (i also have bluetooth mouse and keyboard). :-) I'm trying to play an iphoto slideshow with music. This works fine, but i would like to hear the music on my stereo through airtunes. Just like...
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    driver for ATI Radeon X850 XT

    i know about the all-in-one driver. I have ATI Displays application 4.5.1 (0004). and updated with the januari 2005 RADEON update (which supports the X800)... but it does not recognize my x850 XT. Your url doens't work (session expired). But i looked everywere on the ATI site, but can't find...
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    driver for ATI Radeon X850 XT

    Im looking for a ATI Radeon X850 XT driver but can't find it anywhere. doesn't even mention the X850 XT on their website and the latest driver update (jan 2005) supports only the X800. Now when i open ATI Display application it says: unknown card. I got the card through someone...
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    Will the Apple Cinema Display work via VGA?

    What computer are you on? You bought a 20" cinema display and dont have a card with a DVI connection? You might want to try plugging it straight into the VGA port (without the splitter: why are your using a splitter?) Good luck
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    ATI x850 vs. Nvidia 6800 Ultra

    just ordered the x850. It's not here yet. so i can't tell you. But check the (speed)review at
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    no trash in mail 10.4

    I got the same problem. OSX 10.4.2 fresh install on 2 macs. on one mac the trash icon is gone... on the other its there... looked at pop and imap... just pop accounts. Doesn't make sense. I read about it in another forum: Same problem...
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    Dual monitor on a G5 ...PCI video cards

    thnx for finding out ;-) Im going to buy a G5 and have the same set-up in mind. But now i'll install my old card too... to run my second (more boring and small) 15 inch screen.
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    Virtual Dub style prog for Mac OS X 10.3x

    might want to look at diva "quote from website" DiVA is a powerful MPEG-1/MPEG-2 video converter for Mac OS X 10.2 or later. It uses QuickTime, MPEG, MOV, SMP, AltiVec, YUV, Cocoa, Quartz, XML and other amazingly great acronyms and buzzwords. It's also fast, high quality, and integrates...
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    Virtual Dub style prog for Mac OS X 10.3x
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    Virtual Dub style prog for Mac OS X 10.3x

    I'll let you know what i can find
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    Cannot access OS X Mac from Windows 2000

    mkay...i fixed my problem..thnx to: ME!! :) i looked in the installdisk, cause i remembered that i only installed the core system...i ran an additional installer: BSD subsystem! I guess the system needed that for windows XP to login...cause its working fine again.
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    Cannot access OS X Mac from Windows 2000

    hi... i have a network with a mac and a pc. When using jaguar i had no problem connecting to the mac from a PC (XP). Just updated to panther and i see my mac, but i cant connect to it :( all my settings are correct PC gives an error msg: \\server is not accessible. You might not...
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    Connect firewire HD to Mac & PC

    THNX I tried to format on a pc with partition magic 8.0 my HD FAT 32 -> doesn't work on my mac...diskcopy shows it but it downsn;t mount automaticly and it dows nothing when i choose mount from the menu FAT -> works! Jeeehaa... :( but i can't make a partition (on pc) that is bigger than...
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    Connect firewire HD to Mac & PC

    Hi all, I just bought a maxtor 200 GB firewire harddisk. The thing i can't figure out is how i can connect it to a pc, put files on it and then connect it to my mac and copy the files to my internal HD. I tried to format it as mac, fat and linux...but it doesn' work. Back in the old...