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    BBC's iPlayer

    I was watching it on my Mac a long time before this announcement, I thought it was just that the 'download' button now works for Macs, but I've yet to find anything that I can physically download rather than stream.
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    Permissions/Write Issue 10.4.11 Server

    Many thanks Diablo. I've passed it on and they will work from desktop then drag when finished. To be honest I thought it was something like this, the simple fact that every network setup is different and the constant writing to and from CS files make the workflow unreliable, but I thought this...
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    Permissions/Write Issue 10.4.11 Server

    Hi I have an XServe running 10.4.11, with a United Digital RAID. About once a week I get a call from a user saying (and I quote one below): This has been happening on and off for about a year now, and I can't pin down the cause. Permissions are correct, they are saving to folders they have...
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    Virtual PC for Intel 10.5?

    Hi I've been asked to find a virtual PC solution for some of my users. I've been looking on the internet and it looks like Microsoft Virtual PC 7 does not support Intel or 10.5. I'd really rather run a virtual OS than have to reboot all the time as they will need the Mac 95% of the time...
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    iPhone Protective Cases

    Yes, its that time again. Got my 3G yesterday, and popped into the Apple store on Regent Street just now to look at cases. Early days, so obviously not a lot of options, but not bad a few days after launch. InCase have at least 5 different options, but I didn't like their rubber one on the last...
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    Inkjet Color Proofing

    Got a similar problem now. My creatives used to use a couple of Epson Stylus 1160's, and they were very good at matching the screen image. Of course these are old and no longer available. I bought a Stylus Photo 1800 on the strength of a couple of reviews and its awful. Can't match any...
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    Getting your tunes back after a crash?

    My iTunes library is on an external HD. iTunes only works when its plugged in but I can live with that.
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    Quick Hard Drive Question

    Thanks! Yes, I think we'll just go with it. Thats just what the reseller's offering in the quote. I don't really have time to research it thoroughly myself, otherwise I would try and second-guess them. Their work is guaranteed and I can always send it back if I'm not happy with it, to be...
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    Quick Hard Drive Question

    Hello Just about to order a new XServe with a RAID array: Axux 12 bay SCSI - SATAII RAID Storage System configured with 5 x 750Gb for 3TB useable at RAID 5 including hot spare, 7 spare drive bays for up to 8.2TB useable. One of my colleagues has suggested that data retrieval on 750Gb...
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    "10.4 cannot be installed on this computer..."

    Thanks, that explains it. Installing with the grey Software Install discs now...
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    "10.4 cannot be installed on this computer..."

    "...please consult the documentation for the list of supported Macintosh computers." Fine, but its a 1.83Ghz Intel Core Duo iMac, currently running 10.4.11. I want to rebuild it, as in erase and install. I've used the exact same (retail, volume-licensed) Mac OSX Install disc on PPC G4s, PPC...
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    Safari and Gmail

    Yep, view encoding is Default, International Prefs are English for sorted lists and Standard for word break. No keyboard hacks. Still happening, can type capitals with shift right here and now (Watch Me Go!), if I do put the cursor in the message body box of Gmail, hold shift and type a letter...
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    Safari and Gmail

    Anyone else noticed any issues with Safari on Gmail? Basically, the shift key doesn't work for me. Pressing the shift key to get a capital letter not only does nothing but removes the cursor from the text-entry window. I am literally putting caps-lock on and off to enter 'I' and the beginning...
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    EpsonNet Printer Connection

    OK this worked for most of them. I have one that Epson Appletalk does not show up on. Its a Dual 2Ghz Intel Xeon Mac Pro 10.4.11. On the Epson downloads page, if you choose PPC it takes you to all theoptions like manuals and drivers etc. If you choose Intel it takes you to a similar page with...
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    File Sharing on Time Capsule?

    So, what's the answer?