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    Commercial Wi-fi zones?

    Add Schlotsky's Deli and Mobil to your list of corporate wifi hotspots. B&N, borders, and starbucks want you to use a cc# and set up a monthly account, or pay 10 cents per minute -- which is crazy since they need the DSL hookup for their business anyway, and a wifi hub costs all of $19 at your...
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    Install classic at the top of os x

    1) reboot your computer from a mac os9 install cd. mac os 9 doesn't recognize osX and will pretty much ignore it. 2) you'll restart from your hard drive under os9 after the install. 3) then go to the control panels to reselect osX to reboot into osX. 4) once you're in osX, go to your system...
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    Sharing a firewire drive

    I just set up a Jaguar server (10.2.8) a couple of weeks ago, and my firewire drive shared fine. I wonder if there are issues with 10.1? In another location, upgrading Jaguar workstations to Panther rendered the firewire 400 drive to not show up on those volumes, even though the get info tab...
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    Is there a way to connect two computers to one firewire drive?

    sadly, a shared firewire 400 drive that worked under jaguar no longer shares under panther. and i'm not sure what i need to reset to make it work. i turned appletalk on for all 3 imacs that used to see the drive, but that didn't help
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    how is performance of 10.2.3 on 233/266/333 iMac?

    I'm an IT consultant who speaks both Mac & M$ fluently. The office manager at one of my customers wants to replace her old iMacs with PC's; the 3 partners at the law firm are quite happy with their TiBooks, and of course with the fact that their IT support bills are so low. The office manager...
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    replacement for at ease?

    never thought i'd be doing this, but i've got a 3 year old daughter and i'd like to give her a login for OSX. of course, it's more safe than an os9 login, but are there any options like the old AT EASE program, which would give her a few icons to click on for her learning games? she doesn't...
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    How many years using the mac?

    I guess for better or for worse I have most of you beat. My dad works at Notre Dame (go Irish!) and we were one of the first 12 universities in the country to get the Mac. My brother and I were excited to get a computer for the home, but were sadly disappointed that the Mac didn't have color or...
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    macosX horrible crashes (help if you can)

    don't know if RAM was really bad. seems to be ok today. Disk Warrior saved my Drives! got rid of the nasty clicking! Can't hardly believe it. Now instead of running OSX and OS9 on separate partitions, I'm just running them on separate drives. I know that there's an issue running OSX beyond...
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    iTunes idea

    actually that's a great idea. note how apple licensed the amazon one click patent for ordering kodak prints? apple needs to make more money by tying themselves to SERVICES, just like Microsoft has leveraged their web browser and .NET logins with Ebay and other companies. If apple links to a way...
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    macosX horrible crashes (help if you can)

    1) memory access exception (1,0,0) Waiting for remote debugger connection options ---- type continue - c reboot - r doesn't respond to c or r, have to reboot from cd and reselect macos 9 to get g4 to boot 2) panic: We are hanging here... no baloney! 3) also had 2 * 60gb ibm...
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    iTunes idea

    i'd love to see iTunes minimize as small as Winamp on my PC. it's really tiny, and shows the contols (play, pause, etc.) as well as the name of the song and artist that are playing. it's a real help when i'm checking out my mp3's to make sure they sound ok. does anyone know if iTunes supports...
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    after all, it was reported quite some time ago (when he returned to apple) that his main box was a Thinkpad. also it was reported he gave his daughter a thinkpad to take to college.
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    Mac os 10.2

    1) MIDI support. Yeah, I know, Apple has promised Core Audio services. But there aren't any MIDI programs that work in OSX yet, which is frustrating because that's the main reason I bought a dual-500 (used, during MacWorld Expo, only to find out a week later! that the dual-1ghz were coming out)...
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    can you change where home directories are located?

    i set up my hard drive into 4 partitions: os9, osx, server, and data. i would like to relocate my home directories to the data volume. is there a config file or preference that i can change to get this to work?
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    You call *that* a crash? *THIS* is a crash!

    I just took standard photos of my error screens, which could then be scanned (under os9). when i read them to Apple, they said "flash your boot rom" and things should work. i did, but that didn't help. I still occassionally had tremendous crashes where the screen filled up with code then said...