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    where is IPv6?

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    Mount ext2 FS in MacOS X

    MacOSX uses the Mach 3.0 kernel. this is a microkernel. in fact, this is _the_ microkernel. windows NT-2000-XP also uses a microkernel. the GNU system (AKA GNU/HURD) also uses a microkernel, the mach 3 microkernel, the same as Mac OS X. the darwin implementation of Mach 3.0 is known as...
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    deleting posts?

    i don t seem to be able to delete posts. has this functionality been disabled?
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    Deleting files with umlaute in name

    try emacs $ emacs /path/to/directory emacs has a directory mode which will let you delete files in a directory, and it is smarter at understanding characters and stuff. if that doesn t work, then you ve got a bug. submit it to apple bug report.
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    Awwww. Admiral AK's first post

    when you search by username, and look at the oldest thread, you will come up with the thread that was posted to the longest ago. to get AKs first thread, see his profile, and search all posts by this user. you will see that his first post was in this thread...
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    three fstabs? which is which?
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    Not sure if this was covered already, will Jaguar cd upgrade all previous versions?

    izzat so? to be honest, i attibute the lack of jaguar upgrade disks to the fact of people pirating 10.1 (puma). i view this as our punishment for spreading the knowledge on how to cheat copies of puma, so we all have to pay for jaguar.
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    Should I stay or leave? (trolls or no trolls?)

    I would hate to see Ed go. He is very moderate and can keep the most incendiary threads from going haywire, responds to everyones posts, keeps old favorites alive in perpetuam, and defuses those really tense hostile arguments. He is a good moderator. We need him. However, i am not ready...
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    Where did my timed startup go???

    that would make sense i guess. that stuff should be OS independent, it is stored in firmware. haven t heard whether it will be in jaguar, which i assume means that it will not. never know though....
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    Networking airport/non-airport computers

    So with those older models, i m not sure if it works or not. there do exist routers that route incoming and outgoing traffic through one interface. it is a little bad for your network security to send network traffic out to your ISP, but OK. So there is one way to see if it works: try it...
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    Linus Torvalds says "Mac OS X is Crap"!

    Linus' UNIX kernel, known as linux, is based on the original architecture. it is a monolithic UNIX kernel. in other words, it is a dinosaur. in the 80s and 90s, a lot of research was done into OSes and kernels at universities, and a lot of new ideas were come up with. ideas that are more...
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    Hidden files how to ???

    /Developer/Tools/SetFile -a V filename
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    Where did my timed startup go???

    OSX does not have scheduled startup. don t know about third party apps, but i ve submitted feedback asking for this to be brought back.