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    removing Imac plastic covers
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    WINDOWS doing more COPYING
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    MacBook Pro 17" lid won't close

    If the latch won't catch and keep the laptop closed, then that definitly is a servicable problem. It may be that the hinge attaching the screen to the laptop base is torqued a bit tight (heard of this problem before with 15" powerbooks). I'd take it in and have it repaired before the year...
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    Spinning ball when connected to server

    sounds like either a file permissions issue (run disk utility) or there is a pref. file that is a little screwy.
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    Bugs on my screen? :\

    iZap. USB powered-bug zapper that attaches to your display and zaps bug when they land on the screen. Side benefit, no more finger smudges on your LCD screen (*ZAP*).
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    Leopard run on PC's?

    Will not happen. Apple makes $ on hardware it sells (with some pretty good profit margins to boot). This is also why it has the iTunes store; to sell iPods. We'll see some HaK0rZ get around the Leopard am-I-running-on-a-Mac checker, but it'll be like the workarounds that are already running...
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    New iTV (Not final name)

    Just a historical note... I remeber reading something about an internet set-top box hooked up to a TV a few years ago. Now where did I read this? Hmmm.. oh yeah, Gate's book back in '96. Seems Jobs is executing a working plan that Gates...
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    WWDC 2006 keynote

    Anyone know what the link for the QT stream will be, if any? I'd like to watch the stream later in the day and get a direct link now, instead of hunting Apple's website after the fact and spoiling the all keynote surprises.
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    Powerbook consistently freezes with restart message

    May be that you hve some bad RAM installed. Did you recently install some new RAM? If so, take out the memory and leave only what you're computer originally came with (i.e. Apple installed RAM). See if that solves the probelm.
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    invalid memory access!

    if you haven't made a backup of your hard drive, now would be a very good time. If the apple hardware test boots and the OSX installer disk boots then this may be a hard drive issue (i.e. everything else about your computer is working). A re-install of OS X after formatting may help, but if...
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    Vote: Launch New Code?

    Can you open the new code to a select few (i.e. mods/techs) and get inteligent feedback that way on anything that needs fixing as opposed to getting a flood of 'h3lp!!1! fix thi5...' from the general public? I'd wait to get the code tightended up to save a lot of headaches later on.
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    Any way to fix this please!

    You may have some firewall settings turned on to block certain ports. I did the same thing you did and got a whole lot more in terms of ports blocked (I like it that way). If you need these ports open, then you can change the firewall settings in System Preferences...->Sharing->Firewall. I'd...
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    What is slowing me down????

    mdimport seems to be part of spotlight. It may be that spotlight is trying to index your hard drive. It may be a bit technical, but see: "Endless Indexing Spotlight's indexes are maintained...
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    What is the equivalent of ctrl-alt-del on a mac?

    Neat trick with the "shift" key. Didn't know that, will save me a few secs. when Word hangs...
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    dead mac - wont boot off firewire drive. Help!

    you should be able to physically switch the ordering of the drives and see the second working drive that way. Better yet, remove the broken drive, leave the working one in there as the primary drive and install a copy of OS X on it. You could also just remove the broken drive and use the...