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    New Intel iBooks at Macworld??

    This is a pretty sweet look to what a intel ibook might look like. I hope it looks something like this in regrad to size. Who knows? Thoughts on this one.....
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    we can breath easier about intel macs

    Here's the businessweek article that I mentioned it's good read. Epsically for anybody interested in macs and behind the scenes stuff. ;-)
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    we can breath easier about intel macs

    I think that the new intel logo looks fantasic! Serious I've been reading articles on this for awhile. It actually has a interesting story behind it. This article from Businessweek shows that it's because of Paul Otellni, the new CEO of intel who we all maybe saw in the june 2006 keynote had a...
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    Mac OS X 10.4.3 in Software Update

    Yea I knew this...I was trying to be humorous didn't work out as i expected....whoops
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    Mac OS X 10.4.3 in Software Update

    It's quite humorous apple put this update on holloween!!!!!! hahaha the ghost of classic will crash unix!! hahaha okay that wasn't supposed to be funny ;-)
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    Mac OS X 10.4.3 in Software Update

    8F46 is the final build number. The interesting thing I went to the apple store in denver and they were ahead and had 10.4.3 installed on all the macs in the store. This was yesterday.
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    Mac OS X 10.4.3 in Software Update

    Expose is MUCH smoother in tiger. At least on my powerbook it is. Safari so far seems quicker and a little more stable.
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    Mac OS X 10.4.3 in Software Update

    IT's finally out! Go to the software update! :)
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    10.4.3 and iChat!! More tabbed chatting etc.

    Well Apple has been busy with updating and what have you. Well I'm still curious if iChat will introduce(finally) tabbed chatting, while adium is a sweet app. I focus more on my aim account then msn or yahoo. Anyhow, this means iChat wins out on many occasions. But did that document sharing...
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    OS X 10.5 "Red Box" to run windows apps natively?

    I found this article while digging for some kind of information on "leopard". I can't find a link to leopard having multiple dashboards, yes people you heard that right it might be a reality in june of 2006. There is also "Red Box" which allows mac users to run windows apps natively and within...
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    Safari 2.0.1 available

    Any speed differences? I mean in redenering and/or loading the webpages?? It seems a little better.
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    Help with Windows Meida Player 9!!!

    Ok this isn't as panic stricken as I'm making it sound. But it's been on my mind for quite awhile. Alright when I stream let's say the Daily Show from comedy central in windows xp i can full screen it. But on the mac's media player 9 I just cannot do this??!?! Is there a applescrpit i can...
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    Mac OS X on intel PCs?

    There is patches for SSE 2 processors to make it more stable and to run Rosetta too on SSE 2 processors. It's still interesting how much progress hackers are making. Apple so far hasn't gone after the wiki on x86 on pc's. This seems odd but then again we just have to see...
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    Steve Jobs possibly running for Governor of California???

    Steve Jobs just might run for the Governor of California! Well maybe, but I think apple users should be able to cast there vote worldwide to elect him if he does run. Kidding of course. But it's quite interesting I wonder what the mac community thinks of this??? :) Here's the link...
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    Mac OS X on intel PCs?

    Thanks fryke, wasn't quite usre where the topic should go. Sorry about that.