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    Why does such a small % of the population use Macs?

    Incredible - it seems, from this admittedly unscientific poll, that most Mac users are of the IN** type, and perhaps a majority are INT*. I wonder what it means?
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    Mounting Remote Volumes, timeout problem!!!

    I believe this is a setting on the server - to disconnect people after a period of inactivity. The reason I say this is that if you run an AppleShare server, you can set it to disconnect people. Could that be the issue?
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    Help needed : I cannot start up Web Sharing

    This problem, in my experience, is caused by errors in the /etc/httpd/httpd.conf file. What you could do is open the Terminal and type the following: sudo apachectl start And enter your password when prompted. The resulting output should indicate what the problem is.
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    Download The MacOSX Features Guide!

    Heh... I'm not as old as you may think... it so happens that I worked on the tech support staff in my high school for several years, and dealt with quite a lot of old Mac equipment and software. (Ask me about Project Doorstop one of these days ;))
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    Download The MacOSX Features Guide!

    Are you asking whether you can format a floppy as Windows (or DOS, rather) on OS X? Or whether you can format Windows floppies as Mac format? If the former, then I have no idea... the latter definitely. And could you please lay off that Caps Lock key - I'm sure it's starting to feel abused. ;)
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    Download The MacOSX Features Guide!

    Heh... I remember these. Compact Pro was .cpt - an excellent compression utility that competed with Stuffit. I have no idea what .pit is.
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    Classic? Cocoa? Carbon? Term help please!

    I have here the first macintosh network game ever, Bus'd Out, which was released in 1983. Lo and behold, it works beautifully in Classic. How's that for backwards compatibility? ;)
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    creating a package- how?

    I don't think Aussie's trying to create a package (.pkg) - I think he wants a NeXT-style application bundle (.app). The point is that some applications come as a folder, with just the app surrounded by a host of config files, help files, etc, etc, while others are a single application bundle...
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    Best pc emulator.

    Not true. SoftWindows runs in Classic, and according to people who use it, is actually better than VPC4 for some programs (mostly old DOS apps).
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    Movin Documents and Applications to other locations

    I can think of a couple very good reasons to have partitions. 1. To separate OS 9 from OS X. With a single partition OS X is a pain to uninstall. 2. Convenience. This is a big one. Easy backup, easy searching, etc. 3. Separation of multiple OSs including some version of Linux, along with...
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    Timed Random Desktop Pictures are Here

    Here's my problem with DesktopRandomizer... it's slow. I want a different desktop pic with each login. With RandomBackground, I see my new background as soon as the loginwindow goes away; with DesktopRandomizer I have to wait ~10 seconds for the new background, during which time I see the...
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    New? OS X.1 Feature

    Russian is NOT in 10.1. Also, 10.1 does NOT support Cyrillic input. However, the Macintosh Club of St. Petersburg - - is working on Cyrillic input for OS X; they may well release it sooner than Apple does. I don't know.
  14. O port of StarOffice

    AppleWorks 6.2 is an excellent all-in-one app, and it's completely functional and stable. Granted, it may not have some of the high-end features of Office, but then, that's what Office is for. Speaking of which, what do you have against MS products? Office 2001 for Mac is quite a good product...
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    NIS, Mac Manager, and OS X

    Thanks. So X Server has no built-in System Disk utility? I guess it was meant to be started up once, and kept running; it is a server after all. We actually have this running on a Beige Server G3. But anyway, our question remains; why can we not export/import the databses on OS X? It seems...