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    Ghost in the Machine

    I will try that, thanks.
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    Ghost in the Machine

    Running 10.3.9 server on an Xserve G4. I have two users swearing that they are losing permission to save MS Word documents back onto the fileserver between 4 and 5pm everyday. I leave at 2pm, but I believe them... They are able to access, read write, etc before then, but at the appointed...
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    SMB Permissions in 10.3 Server

    Running an Xserve with 10.3 on it. A couple of Windows clients are not able to access particular files. When I check the files, the group permisions are set to Read Only. It seems the only way to change the permissions on these files is to make the actual file a share point, which I don't...
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    Internet connection, but no safari or Firefox???

    I have a mystery issue that I wonder if anyone might know about. I have a Mac Mini running 10.4, I can do a dig from Terminal and get info on any website from outside. I can also go into network utility and ping and do a lookup without problems (by IP as well as domain name). The mail is...
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    Bootable Images on the Fly

    I have a need for a piece of software that can create a bootable disk Image and update every hour or so... In other words, we have a Filemaker database with important info on it. The boss would like to have a back up which is bootable immediately if the other one fails, so my thinking is to...
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    E-mail Issues

    Thank you both, I will not be able to try this as I will not see the particular computer for a few days, but will definintely try then...
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    Mail Problems

    What happened when you tried to send the movie in the first place. Were you able to do it? If not describe what happened.
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    E-mail Issues

    I have run into an issue with e-mail that will not delete. The offending piece of e-mail is in Mac Mail, it has an attachment, and can not be opened. Furthermore it can not be deleted, and causes the program to continually attempt to register/catalogue the piece of e-mail. It will not let the...
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    Strange Happenings....

    Server 10.3 running on Xserve. Viewing the workgroup manager and server admin in Timbuktu, I clicked on one of the users and received the message of " Error of tupe -14084 on line 2826 of" And then the user would disappear, physicall no longer be visible. This...
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    Epson C86 printer no longer working

    The Printer Utility is the chooser, it is how you assign your printer. If you have deleted the printer from the queue in the utility and added it again, and it is still not working, then you may have a corrupted driver. You can go to the Epson site and download the driver, and try reloading it...
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    Lacie HD/Emac Issues (and more)

    BTW, Emac and G4 both running 10.3.9...
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    Hardware tests with faulty optical drive

    Hook up to another computer in Target Mode (boot your computer while holding down the "T" key, a blue screen will pop up) Hook it up to the other computer firewire to firewire, and ytour somputer will show up as a harddrive in the other computer. Run the CDs on that computer and select your hard...
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    Lacie HD/Emac Issues (and more)

    I have an Emac. It is not seeing a Lacie Hard Drive (250 Gigs). I have tried running Disk Warrior on the Emac (booting from disk) , but it does not see the Emac local hard drive (?). I have tried putting it (Emac) into Target mode and running DW from a G4 Powermac, but the G4 will not see...