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    Activating multiple ipads nearly the same time blocked?

    Hi, Does anyone know if apple blocks a site if you activate too many devices at once? I'm in a school district and its not uncommon for 20+ devices to try and activate at once as large numbers of ipads are getting in teachers hands. We seem to run into a wall, they stop activating then if...
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    OS X Server - Setup for Virtual Hosting?

    Hi RD, I can't help you directly but if you just bought the mac mini server I'd give tech support a call, I'm calling for a school when I call in but I've had very good luck with tech support and my directory services calls I've had to make. Please post back here anything you find, I've...
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    Performance hit boot from External?

    I can't answer #2 but for #1, highly unlikely IMHO. I had a need for more space on a old 10.3 xserve running on a g4 tower, I hooked up a Gaurdian Maximus: Cheesy name I know but its pretty nice unit. I hooked it up firewire and...
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    How to correct audio timing in QT

    Like a poorly dubbed film, the lips move but nothing is heard for a second or two then the voice comes in. Is there anyway to line up the audio where it should be?
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    folder problem

    ElDiabloConCaca, Its entirely possible but a ls -ld does not show any links. --mike
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    folder problem

    Well, its mostly fixed, I'm not sure what I did but I was able to get the data from the bad folder to a new one. I can't delete the bad one yet but the data is out.
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    folder problem

    All, I was creating/changing permission's and sharepoints on a folder, I'm not sure what I did but its not good. My folder disappeared from the gui, but is there in terminal and has the proper permissions for a folder. I can change the name of the folder, but if I try to cd into...
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    view contacts with phone #'s only?

    I've got hundreds of contacts, but only a couple of dozen that have phone numbers, is there a setting somewhere to only show those contacts with phone numbers when in the phone app(if thats what its called)? thanks
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    login options/recommendations

    Hello, We just received our new xserve, what a difference from the old tower we are replacing. Currently we are only serving a publishing lab, about 15 macs but will be expanding that I'm sure once people get wind of it. One thing I'd like to change is how they authenticate. Right now...
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    realvnc client to 10.5 server

    Fixed! On the realvnc client I checked the box for full color - didn't think that would cause the re-action I got but its working now.
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    realvnc client to 10.5 server

    I've got the vnc enabled with pwd on the 10.5 server, I get challenged for a pwd when I open realvnc(4.1.3) but as soon as I type the password the screen flashes and immediately goes away. I've tried every combo of protocols and settings I could come up with but nothing works. Screen...
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    addr book/isync to xp?

    Hello, Bought a new phone and its not supported by isync (Motorola Renegade V950), like the phone and would like all my contacts in it. Store was unable to get my #'s to come across using their little black box. Is there anyway to get the address book into a format that I can get xp in...
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    OSX SRV 10.3.9 - moving to new drive

    Had a drive fail in the osx server box, the other mirror is still running but who knows for how long. I've purchased a external drive and want to install X to it and use that as the boot and storage volume. Is there a best practices way of migrating to the new drive? I can install X, but...
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    what options are available to backup?

    Thanks for the link. Do any of these have the ability to assign a slot of a autoloader to a particular job vs just randomly grabbing one?