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    Trojan, Malware Or Not? Mail Shows Empty Window

    Hi Cheryl, I didn't think you could actually isolate single files when migrating from Time Machine or CarbonCopyCloner which is use a lot when migratng back. And I actually cannot find the two files despite trying for an hour. The path shows fairly clearly in Macafee but not 100%.. you cannot...
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    Trojan, Malware Or Not? Mail Shows Empty Window

    Thanks for the reply. The iMac has Macafee on it and despite finding two very small mail files that were deleted nothing else shows as a problem. I am reluctant to back up, erase and re-install as in my opinion the back up would just bring back ant problem files would it not?
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    Trojan, Malware Or Not? Mail Shows Empty Window

    For the last few weeks I have been trying to solve a mystery where my Mac mail on a MacBook and an iMac keeps showing an empty window for my inbox mail. Both Macs were running Snow Leopard so I updated the iMac to Mountain Lion and deleted the two mail accounts and totally re-installed them. I...
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    Sent mail lands with different email address

    I have two accounts set up in Mac Mail One with Sky and One with Google Suddenly when I start sending out from my gmail account the replies are coming back from my Sky account. If I send a mail to myself from Google mail to Sky mail it lands with my Sky mail address not my gmail address I have...
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    Google Earth crashes

    I have suddenly seen my Google Earth application crash when adding postcodes. Happened since I upgraded to Lion. I am running an i7, 27in iMac with Lion 10.7.5. I have downloaded the latest GE and binned any Preferences caches etc I could find from the previous. I have seen on the GE site...
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    Transplanting an Old MacBook Pro HD into a new one

    Both MacBooks should take the 2.5in SATA drives and the OS should work absolutely fine. The screws and brackets should be transferable... there should be no issue. check this link..,2845,2119529,00.asp
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    Question Re: The Mighty Mouse Scroll Feature

    AHHH.. I thought he was talking about the OLD one..SORRY!!!
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    Find duplicate files

    There is an application called Clone Remover or Tidy up that may do the trick! Try looking on Version Tracker!
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    Question Re: The Mighty Mouse Scroll Feature

    This is a common fault with the scroll wheel of these mice. The wheel inside is controlled by four magets and another scroll wheel. These clock up with dirt just like the PC mice do. BUT.. unless you break the seal and take it apart yuo cannot clean it perfectly. Try wetting a cotton bud...
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    Upgrade from 10.3 to 10.4 (sad, isn't it?)

    Your Hard drive cannot be 1.2GB it must surely be bigger. If yuo click once on the Hd and choose command (apple), and press 'i' it will tell you the HD capacity and whats left. If it is reading 1.2Gb as FREE it must be nearly full so you mare in danger of it causing problems. You can upgrade...
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    IMAP deletes mail on my Mac SKY account!!!

    I think I may have found a way round. I have created a sub folder outside my SKY inbox and can COPY or MOVE mails to it and they do not delete! Just manual at the moment... need to find a tutorial on SMART MAILBOXES... wonder if these can send them there automatically???
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    IMAP deletes mail on my Mac SKY account!!!

    Thanks for the quick responses. The Mac will not see POP account on the SKY set up. I get the error "cannot see the" The "helpers" say SKY will not set up a POP account via a Mac. So Basically if SKY do not allow POP to run (despite in there settings you can enable and...
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    IMAP deletes mail on my Mac SKY account!!!

    I have just set up a Sky account and have been told I can only use IMAP to access my mails to my Mac Mail account. I have set up an account in Mac Mail but every time I delete the mails from my Sky account or my iphone they delete from my Mac Mail on my iMac! I am on Snow Leopard 10.6.3. I...
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    A PC user has been pressing buttons on my mac! help!

    Hi Thom, Can you not access the VIEW button on the top tab and change the view to LIST instead of icon.. then go to SHOW VIEW OPTIONS and set the size and spacing of them? In Firefox have you gone into preferences and checked to see if any of your original settings have been altered, especially...
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    Mac Book startup disk won't boot, HD appears fine

    jbarley.. it seems you are 100% CORRECT. I re-partitioned my MacBook 15in last night and via target mode on another MacBook installed Snow to a complete clean Hard Drive. My DVD is not reading Install Discs hence the TM option but I now have Snow running without the need for a pre-installed Leopard.