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    Testing 10.2 on a PowerBook Wallstreet

    In the dark noone sees you. Then you can bite that tiger and leopard without being catched. I haven't asked about Madonna her computer.
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    A thought on iTV.

    I know from your personal messages to me that you are writing in reality "Steve keeps your Mickey Mouse.". I have seen Pirates of the Caribian on television. The acting was soo irealistic that this is typical Apple. At least the girl in the movie was nice.
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    What do you do about a naughty girl?

    If she is realy naughty I don't think she needs love too.
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    Laughable feature Vista on

    My own Vistacomputer blocks Steve Jobs his keynote. The reason seems to be that when You watch Jobs his wwdckeynote You are receiving cookies that doesn't respect the computeruser his privacy. (Please if you want to reply stay on subject.)
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    Wwdc Walk

    Everyone knows about the WWDC. Unfortunately I need a new pair of shoes. If You want a rumor here is one. I have met a former director of inbev and talked him that a battery is round like a bottle of coke.
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    Mac Vs. PC

    The most up to date mac I own is an early mac mini. My Acer notebook Aspire 3633wlmi runs xp, vista and office 2007.
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    iPod is crap

    The ipod is a product with extremely good sales. I don't have any mp3player, but a walkman. Yesterday at noon I got an extremely good idea for a mp3player. If it is commercialy acceptable it will hit the market.
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    Apple financial results

    In two days Apple will publish his quarterly financial results.
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    Have You pushed the buttom (and bought online)?

    Everyone knows that it is possible to buy online. The purpose of this threat is to get multiple replies and answering me with replying if there is a good reason to purchase an educational imac or to refuse it for some reason. I perfectly understand that you get a temporaly salesargument if...
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    Solid state HDs for Apple?

    A year ago I made me a flashbased linuxpc without fan and as you can see I can post on the forum with it. It is completely silent.
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    "educational imac"
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