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    RAID advice

    General RAID advice... I'm not sure I understand how you've got your firewire enclosure connected up to your Mac - but if it's only thru one Firewire 400 connection, that's not good... Firewire 400 means 400 megabits p/sec - which means 50MB per/s (8 bits in a MegaByte). Since most recent 7,200...
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    Dog pissed into G5. What to do.

    I'm guessing the dog in question was a PC user...??? No seriously - while letting it dry out is a good idea - I would highly recommend (as others have done so above) opening up the G5, inspecting for damage, and cleaning the effected parts.
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    RAID will not mount but exists in disk utility

    In that case, I would recommend using a disk utility such as "Disk Warrior". (Yes, there are others, but Warrior seems to be the most successful.) If your problem is in fact corrupted OS X files, this utility would be able to fix it. You will not be able to fix the file yourself using a data...
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    RAID will not mount but exists in disk utility

    If I understand you correctly - the RAID has failed. I'm assuming because you are using this RAID for movie editing it is in a "striped" RAID configuration. Striped RAID failure _can_ happen, and this is why sometimes they are not recommended - because (unlike other RAID configurations) striped...
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    How to change partition size w/o reformat?

    I don't think it is possible to partition a hard drive without formatting it. But if u can - I'd be very interested to know how...
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    Apple hardware test error

    Hello. I don't have a Gigadesigns processsor - but I've yearned for one for ages and I'm very jealous... From what I've read, clock and voltage settings may be changed if the processor is unstable. However, changing the voltage setting without prior authorization from technical support will...
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    Photosmart 7350 with Mac Mini's 10.4.5?

    Have you used the "Printer Setup Utility"? Printer Setup Utility lets you set up and access printers. To open it, double-click its icon (located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder). If your printer isn't listed, click "add". If your printer still isn't listed, click "more...
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    Is my SCSI card dead?

    Are you sure you deleted the right driver? Cos' remember there were two. The original mac os x one (Adaptec290X-2930.kext) and the one you installed. Let me get this straight - with the SCSI card in = the mac won't boot, but when you take it out = everything's fine? At this point it seems like...
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    knights of the night...
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    What video card for beige G3/Mac OS X 10.1.4?

    Hello Tara. Back in the day - the card to get was the Radeon 7000. The true "mac edition" (a bright green thing) only ever came with 32MB of VRAM. There are a host of these cards selling on Ebay for around $35 US. Later versions of the Radeon 7000 came with 64MB VRAM (twice as much). You...
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    Need hardware trouble shooting help

    Hello Thomas - your Mac may be suffering from not just one problem - but a host of them. However - based the comment; "...Made a place to copy my system to a larger partition so I could install iLife..." I could assume that the iLife installer originally quit because there wasn't enough space...
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    PC133 - 222 ram showing as PC100 -322??

    Yes... I do like to follow directions ...and that wasn't very helpful. (Very funny - nixgeek.) Hello nuvolino. Settle down! Don't get your knickers in a knot! This isn't a problem. In fact I have the very same situation - and always have. I have 1.5GB of top-notch 133MHz CL2 Crucial branded...
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    Is my SCSI card dead?

    Hey Dave - I have one those cards too! Anyway, I just checked the Adaptec website and there is a newer version of the required driver available. You are currently using version 1.0.2 when you probably should have been using version 1.1. However, don't bother downloading it as the download web...
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    Is my SCSI card dead?

    Hmmmmm. Sounds like it doesn't like the driver you installed. Did you install the correct driver? Please tell me: > What model Adaptec card you have. > The name/version driver you installed. You might have installed a driver that is incompatible with Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar". Or that driver...