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What's with apple supplying selling so many hardware products with meagre RAM? Why just 256MB SDRAM?
rhisiart said:
What's with apple supplying selling so many hardware products with meagre RAM? Why just 256MB SDRAM?

Because it is operating procedure for computer manufactures. By more RAM from them at higher prices, or feel like you are getting a break when the add the EXTRSA 256 to 512. This is the typical marking ploys of every computer maker. Apple's memory is supplied to the RAM distributor Crucial.
Reading through some of the promotion literature for PC products and you see many packages offering 516 MB RAM + as a minimum. I just wonder whether Apple are a bit behind.
The only product lefty on the American Apple Store with only 256 is the iBooks. Everything else seem to have 512 as the default. I bet with the introduction of the Intel iBooks you will see 512 in them also.

My answer in my previous post still stands. Plus, not every PC maker offers 512 in every product they sell. Besides, if you by the Mac through a third party, a lot of them will up the RAM because they are not allowed to discount the final price. Shop smart and you can buy a Mac with more than 512 RAM.
Just don't by the extra memory from apple! Complete rip off! Try or similar. Crucial have a great wizard that will point you to exactly what you need.
That's just the way it is, and the way it always has been, all across the industry. Consumer models ship with the minimum RAM. It wasn't until '99 or '00 that all of Apple's machines started shipping with more than 32MB, and that was about 4 years after 32MB was below the "practical" minimum.

Today, the practical minimum is 512MB. But it's usable with 256, so that's what they ship. More standard ram = higher prices = fewer sales = bad. People who need more can always add more, so it doesn't make sense to include more than you need to as standard.

Hey, at least they're not as bad as Dell. Most of Dell's low-end machines only ship with 256MB, and 64MB of that is used as video memory! Ugh.

Apple's started moving to 512, though. I'll bet all their systems will ship with 512 standard by the end of next year....when 1GB will probably become the practical minimum.