Bobw Passed Away


Where mah "any" keys at?
Heh, if that's the case, it certainly took a long time to manifest. I haven't spoken with Bob in many moons...

Please do keep all of us posted as you get more details.


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I'd also like to add my condolences and pass on how much I've come to respect Bob over the past few years. He was always helpful, kind and thoughtful and his absence will be felt by all of us here at the community.


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bobw was one of the first members I recognized daily when I joined 6 years ago. This news is shocking and saddening. When something of this gravity happens, it really makes you realize just how "personal" the internet has become: connecting people from all walks of life that would have never crossed paths without it.

My life is improved by everyone I meet, whether in person or not. bobw is no exception, and will be missed greatly.

My condolences and prayers go out to all who were fortunate enough to be touched by his presence, in the flesh or virtual.

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Wow, I am completely shocked by this news. Bob was one of the best contributers to this community. Rest in peace Bob.


I often pictured him sitting at his Mac reading Post of peoples replies and talking to himself in a CowBoy way gnarling, "no way, this is the right answer...."

RIP bobw


I remember when I first met Bob, he was a great inspiration to me when I was younger and his influence will never be forgotten. He will be missed greatly.


it really makes you realize just how "personal" the internet has become: connecting people from all walks of life that would have never crossed paths without it.
How true.

I (and I am sure others) had the good fortune to video chat with Bob once. Seeing him without his cowboy hat was a bit strange, but I was impressed with his smile and gentle manner.

Very much a gentleman and a wise one at that. His family must be very proud of him.


My thoughts and best wishes go to Bob's family and friends. From one of the many he helped, he will be sorely missed.


Sorry for your loss. Any person who is willing to share their time to help others will be missed, not only the Mac community but the community of the human race.
Hello everyone, I've just logged on a read the message. I don't have much to add, but I wanted to send my best to his family and friends. very sad news.

I'd also like to add that this thread is exactly why I love this forum. Everyone here is so sincere and respectful.

RIP mate.


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That was nice of them, it again shows how many people liked him.
I wish I was able to get to know him better, i'm pretty sure he answered my first tech question that got me started here.


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I've also been here only one and a half years, but I believe Bob answered most of my questions and was really always helpful. I was so shocked - and I couldn't believe it....

Rest in piece Bobw - at least you spent your last minutes with your Mac!


I've posted 4 questions here and have not really been around otherwise. I checked my records and sure enough Bobw did help me. My condolences to the family.


I can't count the number of times Bobw helped me - either by answering my question or by answering someone else's before I could ask mine - and always with good humor.

RIP bob.


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This is truly a sad day in the online world. Bob was a great man. I will greatly miss his generosity and wisdom.


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R.I.P. bobw.

Bobw was an inspiration for me like for so many others here. He was always so helpful, found the best answers, knew everything, and had a heart and respect around him. is not the same without him.

It feels like losing a good friend, a coworker, a boss, even though I never met him in person. I've been here five years, and bobw was one of the first people that I noticed and talked to.

My condolences to his family. I remember when once he showed pictures of his grandchild, he was so proud. And no doubt his family could be proud of him.