cdr driver for Matshita CR-587-Drive


Anyone know of a OSX 10.4.2 driver that will work with the Matshita CR-587-Drive? Took iot from my beige G3 and would like to add it to my Dual G4.
Possible to do?

The G4 recognizes the drive but I need a driver.

Help please.

Thank you



That drive should work for you. There are no drivers, aside from the OS X native drivers. There are some older CD drives that just can't work with a newer system, but I don't know if the CR-587 would be one of those.


Is the Matshita CR-587 CDROM drive installed in the bay beneath the (unknown model) dual G4's originally installed CD / DVD drive? If so, is the CR-587 configured as a 'slave' drive? If not, do such.


Pioneer DVD (DVR-107D) is configured as the MAster and the
Matshita is the slave.
Shouldn't both drawers just open simultaneously when hitting the eject button?
The machine recognizes the drive in Apple Profiler. I asssume it needs a driver to
suppoort it as Tiger may not include a compatible driver. Any ideas?



'Shouldn't both drawers just open simultaneously when hitting the eject button?', no.
Use 'Ardiem' to configure a key to open and close the CD-587's tray.

With or without 'Ardiem', open the (now configured as a 'slave') CD-587's tray, insert a CD, and close the tray - does the CD's icon on the 'Desktop'? If not, try the test below.


You still have not listed specifically which PowerMac G4 model you have.

As a test ...
Turn OFF the PowerMac G4.
Remove the DVD (DVR-107D) and place it aside.
Remove the Matshita CR-587 and configure it as a 'master'.
Insert the CR-587 into the upper bay (where the DVR-107D originally was)
Turn ON the PowerMac G4.
Place a CD into the CR-587's tray and close.

If the CD is recognized and its inserted CD's contents viewable, then you confirmed your PowerMac G4 only allows a removable media device (CDROM, CD burner, DVDROM, DVD burner, etc.) as a 'master' only.

Report your observations.


Ardiem works! CD is recognized.
2 CD drives obviously cannot be Masters so the Dual G4 867 was designed to only allow 1 CD drive? That doesn't seem possible but, nothing surprises me at 52yrs.



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