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Well after a GRUELING day beind a monitor "learning" intermediate access (which I already know but hey...it was a boring counterproductive day that took me away form my work :p) --- I am MICROSOFT ACCESS INTERMEDIATE CERTIFIED!
next week I cap it off and call myself an access master hahaha...
aint you proud ?
no time to stay though... My eyes are killing me frm staring at a screen al day :(

catch y'a ll tomorrow :)


softer than ever!
Jeez, what the heck happened around here?

I come back after a long hiatus, and there is a prevalent "aftermath" feeling.


Got xoot?
I don't want to explain it again, but here is a summary:

Admin has been acting bad lately because he banned some users who questioned the deletion of a thread which was supposed to help Press 3.


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yay! we are back online :)
decided to take a small break from my localization project :D
I am about 2/3 done with my french localization, if ALL goes well, by tonite I will be donw with the french one and tomorrow I can start on the italian one :D

Tismey gimme a nice tall frosty coffee please :D


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I might be going out on a limb here, but another one might be English. :eek: ;) :D


/me is angry...

I was this close!!! to getting RtCW but my dad wouldn't let me... He said I took too long and we had to go so I couldn't get it... :mad:


Simply Daemonic
I'll let you in on a secret ed...
I am only trying to impress one of them :rolleyes:
-- the stupid things men do for women :p

Anyway, french, italian, german, greek, english are the answers with a dash of russian and spanish. :)

I did not get to finish my french translation last night. I had to go pick up something at FedEx... took me 2 hours driving around trying to find the dang place :p -- got home late and I have about 5 more pages to translate. :)

I am hopeful that by tuesday I will be done with the italian and german translations. Monday is a holiday here so I have friday-saturday-sunday and monday full days to do this :D

then a week or so to do the spanish one, and create a central main page, and upload :)

If I cant get the spanish done now, I will do it when I come back from greece :)



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Originally posted by xaqintosh
School just got out!!!!

I'm so happy...:D
I'm finished next week. But heh, we haven't really done anything the last weeks anyway :p

So, when is next semester starting for you?


I'm baaaaaaaaaack! Anyone miss me?? I thought not....

I was in Gettysburg without internet access :eek:

Whats this munity stuff??