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I always thing back through the worst storm I ever went through was a category 5 Super Typhoon Kirk posted to my first overseas location I was station as young ups, buckets out the windows of the barracks to get something to drink! Water didn't return until back in day! It actually broke the flag pole when eye came over us then the second winds s going the other direction! When The water went out we didn't get water for 7 days after! That was tough and go for little while!

So what was the worst storm you ever been through?
Living in Chicago, most major storms were winter ones. There was, in February, 2011, a blizzard that hit the city and closed it down for three days. Day one was snow and wind, day two was wind that created drifts of snow almost six feet tall. Day 3 was digging out.
I had to shovel my way out of the front door in order to shovel out the back door and garage so I could get my snow blower out. All the neighbors pitched in so we could get the street passable since the city services were a no show.

Now there were other major snow storms before this one and this was way before they started naming winter storms like they do hurricanes.
That reminds me of the storm of 1977! Christmas EVE daytime storm dumped 3-4 feet 0f snow n 8 hours but the day before it was 50F because we played basketball outdoors that daytime! Then the storm came and dumped all that snow! Even being a kid I was amazed at the speed of snowfall, never seen anything die that even in 60 years of life!
The storm I remember was black ice in 1999 (if I remember well), on the week between xmas and new year. The person who was in charge of the road maintenance was a new elected idealist who lived in a nearby village and had plenty of qualities, but who did not realise the problem that this represented for the people living in a town on the border of a lake. As the following days were quite cold, we had the thick ice staying for more than a week on several crossroads, generating lots of accidents, in particular with pedestrians. It was also a good moment for memorable photo shoot (car fully taken under a semi transparent ice cover, trees looking like plastic wraps ...).
Merry Christmas everyone.

a Day late and a dollar short, but hey, a wish for peace, understanding and love is never amiss. Spread your cheer throughout the year
Happy New Year

there was some glitch yesterday, and I couldn’t post, so I’ll say it again,

RIP Dark Sky App

Subsumed into the Borg of Apple Software and assimilated to every other crappy weather app with a sky blue theme.

Dark Sky was clean, informative and uncannily accurate in my neck of the woods. It was the only weather app I looked at regularly, with “all the news I need” on the splash. I will miss it and raise a glass to to the developers.

(Seems the glitch might have been using iOS emoticons to set off the Dylan lyrics)
(edit: remove “Weather from App name)
All I know whether the Winter has been chaotic at beast!! We had snow for at least a month then it regularly been almost 50° F to melt all the snow! It's been totally weird the this year!
Yea The Finger lakes are still up almost by 2 inches! Even some docks new almost overflowed! The Wet Summer/Fall and now this snow melt and Water is going up again!
Weird here in Switzerland too. We had a few very cold days before the year-end holiday, but now we have record high temperature for January. Weird.
I quit social media, giant Twitter because I feel it's become to me a giant marketing ploy to my account by multiple users accounts! The MacRumors banned me from saying I quit Twitter now! What's going on lately? Moderators please reply, Scott too? Are social media companies pressing you not let users talk about quitting a social media company?
Since the change in ownership recently, Twitter has really gone downhill fast...

Staff have been laid off (fired), the app and features keep getting fiddled with, there's been much talk of increased freedom of speech while that only seems to be true if you say the approved things, mention of a certain rival platform gets you instantly banned, ads seem to have increased, there's a lot of material many certainly wouldn't follow which somehow is now being pushed in timelines, and, as of Friday night, third party apps such as Tweetbot and Twitterific have been quietly blocked.

I'm stunned by how it is being mismanaged. I have no business skills and could have done a better job just but not interfering too much! :D
First, I have not heard from anyone about banning the talk of quitting twitter. I have read that there are a lot of people leaving twitter and moving on to other platforms.
I am not on twitter (disclaimer: as a teacher I avoided twitter to avoid being haggled by my students and their parents) and now that I am retired, I do not have any plans to be on twitter, especially since the stupid non-rich guy bought it.
I don't blame you at all, Cheryl!

I've used it for some time, although I read more than I post. Some people I know post on there a lot and really embrace it much more than I do. It can be unpleasant sometimes, with people piling on, and so I think it is healthy to be a little careful with it and not crave follower numbers too much because of all that brings with it too.

I've seen people get banned for referring to Mastodon. I've also seen people get banned for being negative about the person you refer to. So much for his drive for free speech, eh?

It is suspected that third party apps are being blocked because they are a way of avoiding ads. This could really backfire, because many of the heavy Twitter users (such as those who partly make their living through it) will use other apps, and so the management will be driving away many of their content producers. Smart move...
Well it been snowing now for all day sometimes really heavy! I'm starting to get sick of getting snow off my car seems like almost everyday down, it's wearing me down!
And here I am railing at the weatherman and wishing for the promised storm. 0 accumulation so far.
I wish for snow as well. Here we did get about 2 inches, but most of it is melting. I want snow to cover my garden. It is an insulator for the plant roots during the really cold snaps.
I wish for snow as well. Here we did get about 2 inches, but most of it is melting. I want snow to cover my garden. It is an insulator for the plant roots during the really cold snaps.
Arne't you in Texas? What about that cold snap a few years ago?