Is it possible to put a border around windows in OS/X ?


I've just switched from Linux and Windows to OS/X.

My work consists of bulk o/s commandline work across multiple machines, so I have usually a dozen or more overlapping windows open simultaneously.

I need some way to delineate between the edges of windows - currently - my desktop is nearly unreadable due to all the text in the background windows making it confusing to read the text in the main one.

I've experimented with active transparencies, which slightly alleviates the issue, except all the background windows are still all merged up with one another...

HELP! I would really love it if it's possible to active some kind of border - even just a 1-pixel white line would be perfect.

Alternatively - is there a way to change the shadow colour? Black shadows on black windows don't work... if they could be some other colour (white, or blue, or anything), that too should fix it.


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Why don't you use tabs? In Terminal to open a new tab is command button+t. Also I can change a lot and create custom 'skins' in Terminal's Preferences.


(p.s. I'm not just using "terminal" - I have other emulation programs that run at the same time too)


Are those virtualization programs - as in Parallels, or VMWare, etc?
Don't those also allow you to change the appearance of the active windows, such as text color and background?
Does changing the appearance of windows used for different purposes, give you at least some of what you want (easily seeing the different windows, and quickly switching between your various services)
It might help to know if your "multiple windows across multiple machines" are all OS X, some OS X and some other are Linux, etc?
You are fairly new to OS X, so -
Does Mission Control (which allows you to create and use multiple screens, setup for individual purposes - also called Spaces) help you in any way? Look in your help for Mission Control, for using multiple spaces.
When projects pile up and your desktop becomes cluttered, you can use Spaces to organize your windows into groups. For example, create a space for work, another for games, and a third for chatting and checking email messages.
You could, for example, have an individual project on one screen, another project on a different screen. Use a keyboard command to bring up Mission Control, which will show what is happening on all your screens together, and you can then go to one of those screens, or simply exit back out to whichever is your active screen.
Setup the spaces, convenient for your own use...
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The level of GUI customization you're looking for just is not present in Mac OS X.

There are other workaround that may help (window management, utilities, etc.), but if you're hell-bent on changing how the windows look and feel, you may be disappointed to learn that this is obscenely difficult, if not impossible, in Mac OS X.

If you're looking for an OS that has that level of GUI customization, stick with Gnome/KDE/LXDE/XFCE/etc. on Linux... Mac OS X will be a huge disappointment if you're looking to deviate from the stock GUI.

I think DeltaMac has provided some awesome workarounds to accomplish the things you may need without having to modify the window decorations.