Mac OS X 10.1 (5G64) GM- HOOAHHH!


Well, I finally got 5G64 dl'ed and burned, and its great. Speed is good, burning is easy, havent tested the dvd player yet because I dont have a dvd with me. This is what OS X should have been on inital release.

For those of you out there who are planning on replying to this post with a scathing comment on how "that is steeling from apple, and you are degrading the mac experiance", I have a bit of a statement. Ok, you have me on one point. I did download some of the other leaked builds. My main reason for doing so was just to see what apple was up to, but yes, i did get a product that was not ment for distribution, but what can I say I was curious.

Now on this paticualr build that point is not valid. It is known that this IS the GM build, and IS going to be publicly released. No on the point of steeling, I dont concider this to be so. Apple has said that the 10.1 update will be "free", but they will charge 20 dollars for packageing. It is not know yet wether there will be a method avalible to get the update without haveing to pay that fee. Plus, I paid for the public beta AND the final, and never recieved my $20 discount for doing so. Also, this is an update that is saposed to be free, and I feel that this method of gaining it is moraly correct.

Anyway, im hungry and my co workers are ready for lunch...


Doesn't bother me one bit. :)

As long as you paid for 10.0. Just think of Hotline as an extension of Apple's software updates page. :p

I'm still kinda curious though if the 5G64 you downloaded is EXACTLY THE SAME as the soon-to-be-shipping version of 10.1... Please check out the thread here if you've got an answer.

- Trey


I just got 5G64 installed on my B&W G3 400 today. Anyways, my question to you is, whether the new Apple DVD player IS evident in your Applications folder? The last time I saw it was when I ran 5G24 and the DVD player on that seed stank. Could open my dvd fine but can't play squat. I further installed 5G40(where it was noted by many on the Net as the version with the DVD player which could finally play), upgraded to 5G48, then to 5G49, then to 5G59 and finally updated to 5G64. All these versions(5G24 onwards) no longer installed the DVD player for me.

I was told that all that was needed to play DVDs on 10.1 was the presence of a hardware DVD player and yes, I have that. Anyways, this may not be a big issue to many who are reading but it is to me so I'll appreciate it if you could answer my question.


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My DVD player which was installed with 5G64 is fully operational, better than 9.2.1 actually. I am also playing from a stock Apple DVD ROM drive.


The last i hurd, the dvd software bundled with 10.1 did NOT support hardware decoding, and if that is the way your dvd operated you may not have gotten the dvd player, but yes it is in my applications folder


well, thanks for your answer anyway, 'swizcore'...I think the problem lies with my hardware DVD player. It's a Samsung 12x dvd-rom ripped from my bro's PC. The thing can't boot up CDs on my Mac so I 'hotwire' the thing ONLY after I install OS X 10.1 with my native 32x Apple cd-rom.(sounds kind of dumb, right?...and which kinda defeats my previous question...heheh). Anyways, I think 10.1 only installs the Apple DVD player software when it detects the presence of a hardware DVD player.(which I lack of, while installing)

Besides that, the speed increase for 10.1 is obviously evident(like we've heard this SO often enough..but more so on 5G64) even on my B&W G3.

P.S: do you by any chance listen to the band Swiz under the Jadetree label?(totally out of topic but hey...your nick gives it away)

Thanks again.


heheh...I knew it...yeah, Swiz was super. Too bad they broke up in 1990. At least Nathan Larson got recognition for scoring the soundtrack of Oscar-winning film "Boys Don't Cry."

Well, better end it at that. I don't want to clog up this forum with off-topic replies. Good taking(typing) to ya and on a parting note....nice website.


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DVD Player is in my Apps folder. Haven't had a chance to fire it up yet, though. I'll post back later. I think you have to have stock Apple DVD hardware.

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Speed is great! They've resolved the issue I was having trying to connect to a 10.1 machine from a 10.0.x machine. ATM no longer says preview version. More later, gotta go...


Check out the finder view options, you can choose whether it's white, color or even picture!. Cool.

Speed is fabulous! DVD still got problem with regionless drive :(

anyone has noticed any other visible differences ?


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Well, I think think the view options have been like that for a while, but still, its good to know its still there.

Thanks for the kernel version. I'm considering upgrading my kernel tonight... can I do that and will 10.0.4 still work? Oh well....

You loose all the risks you don't take (yeah, that is petsemistic...)

Have a good weekend everyone!


Just finished installing it. It's definitely quick - almost as fast as 9.1, if not faster. Classic seems a tad nippier also.


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Originally posted by ker[nal]+che
The last time I saw it was when I ran 5G24 and the DVD player on that seed stank. Could open my dvd fine but can't play squat. I further installed 5G40(where it was noted by many on the Net as the version with the DVD player which could finally play), upgraded to 5G48, then to 5G49, then to 5G59 and finally updated to 5G64. All these versions(5G24 onwards) no longer installed the DVD player for me.
I have read somewhere else that sometimes you need to re-install Mac OS X from scratch when this happens. Apparently, the installer sometimes gets screwed up as to what part has been updated, and what part hasn't. So one has to install Mac OS 10.1 on top of 10.0.4 to be sure everything works "as advertised".


That brings up an interesting question...

Does the 10.1 updater update from 10.0.0? That is the install CD that I bought, and I would rather update it straight from that instead of downloading the 10.0.4 patch again. I have been planning on reformating with the new version comes out.

Actually, I would prefer if the CD is a full installer. Anyone know if this is the case?


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Gooooooooood question man.
I would suggest you start that d/l from the Apple site and goto bed just so your not screwed when you get your hands on the release. That'd be a bummer...


HELP! i was finally able to get 5G64 from a server on hotline. The file is 626 something Mb. This is the right amount of Mb that I saw on every server. I can only mount the DMG file within 10.0.4 with DiskCopy. To burn the CD I have to go back to 9.2.1 and burn the imges to a disk. When I double click on it it says this disk is not a bootable disk.

I try to create a bootable disk in 9.2.1 with diskcopy 6.5b11 with the DMG file, but it says that diskcopy does not support this file type! I burned the cd with Toast 4.1.1. Do I need Toast 5.0?

Please help! It is frustrating after all that hassle with the downlad!

Thank you for your help!


Try burning it in toast. I burnt mine using Toast Titanium 5 in OS 9.2.1 yesterday(22/09/2001). I think Toast 4.1(or whatever version you were using) shouldn't be a problem. Just follow the instructions below(it's from the official Apple 5G64.pdf file so it's straight from the horse's mouth as you can get) Disk Copy 6.5b11 didn't work for me cause it couldn't detect my blank CD-R disk(strange huh?...go figure that one out).

Converting Image for burning with Adaptec Toast

To use this electronic seed, you must have a PowerMac G3 or G4 machine that meets System Requirements for Mac OS X,
1.5GB of free hard disk space, and a CD-RW drive.

1.) Convert image with Disk Copy 6.5b11
Disk Copy 6.5b11 will allow you to convert an image file to a CD-R master. To burn discs using Adaptec Toast, please be
sure to have Toast extensions turned ON.
2.) From Image menu, select “Convert Image” (Command-K)
3.) Select the Mac OS X 10.1 5G64 Update.dmg file, or the Tools file
4.) Save the device image as a CD-R.
From the pull down menu at bottom of screen, select “CD-R master” format
Save file as Mac OS X 10.1 5G64 Update.cdr. Be sure to use a .cdr suffix to avoid writing over your original download
5.) When conversion is complete, you will have an Adaptec Toast image file that can be burned. Launch Toast and proceed
as usual. Be sure to allow disc to verify.

P.S: Should work for you unless you mounted the 5G64 upgrade seed in some other unorthodox manner whereby it would render the disk image(as well as your IMMENSE download time) KAPUT...